Essential Vitamins for the Over 50’s

Essential Vitamins for the Over 50’s

As the saying goes, you are as young as you feel, however as we age, we can start to feel exactly how old we are. Our eyesight isn’t as good as it once was, we creak and crack just a little bit more and our bodies start to lose the ability to absorb the nutrients we need effectively.

It doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom however, there are plenty of things we can do day to day, to ensure we are getting all the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need to handle the ageing process.

Vitabiotics are always on hand to help you get the supplements you need in every stage of life and they have a few tips and tricks you can utilise as you age. These small steps can help increase your intake of essential vitamins and minerals, helping you keep in tip top condition for as long as possible.

Looking after your mind

As we age, our mind becomes less sharp, our memories get a little fuzzy and we might not be as quick as we once were. We can help to keep our brains firing at full capacity with a few simple foods, that are rich in calcium.

Calcium is great for your neurotransmitters and help to contribute to keeping them at a normal, functioning rate. Increasing foods like milk, cheese and leafy greens such as kale, can all help keep your calcium levels at optimum capacity.

Making the right dietary choices

As we get older, our diets become even more important. We may no longer be able to eat the foods we once enjoyed due to a slowing metabolism and our increasing inability to do extreme or overly strenuous exercise.

By choosing your meals carefully and making sure you are eating plenty of fruit, veg and lean meats, you can make sure that you’re getting as many nutrients as possible. Increasing your intake of fatty fish like salmon and mackerel can also help to give you an added boost of vitamin D, great for maintaining bone and muscle function.

Eating for strength and endurance

If you are finding that you are suffering more and more with tiredness and fatigue, it could be down to a deficiency. A poor diet can be the main culprit of this, so it’s important that you’re eating to fuel your body, rather than fuelling your appetite.

We all have to foods that we love to devour, but aren’t great for our health. We can of course, still have those foods on occasion, but feeding our bodies with natural ingredients will decrease our chances of being deficient in many vitamins and nutrients.

The key to growing old gracefully, really is to look after yourself from the inside out. Vitabiotics Wellman and Wellwoman products can help you maintain your health in every stage of your life. Sometimes our busy lives can prevent us from eating the foods our bodies really need and that is where Vitabiotics steps in to lend a helping hand.