How to have gorgeous skin at any age

How to have gorgeous skin at any age

Beautiful skin begins from within; follow these top tips for healthier and more radiant looking skin.

Diet – you really are what you eat, so make sure your diet is packed with natural antioxidants such as fresh fruit and vegetables.  Eat raw as often as possible and limit your intake of sugar as this destroys the collagen matrix.

Oily fish is perfect for healthy skin; try to eat at least one portion each week.  Having a healthy digestive system will reflect on your skin so, include fibre rich foods and limit the amount of complex carbohydrates you have each day.

Hydration – drink as much water as possible throughout the day, aim for 6-8 glasses and use coconut water to completely hydrate cells.  Remember to eat your water, in other words, eat food with a high water content to help the body remain hydrated throughout the day. Green Tea is a powerful antioxidant with dual purpose it helps to fight free radicals while keeping you hydrated.

FightingFifty4Sleep – skin repairs and renews during the first three hours of sleep. Get to bed before midnight and aim to get at least 7 hours sleep each night.

Distance yourself from all technology. Your brain needs to switch off so, don’t take the IPad or mobile phone to bed with you.

Supplements – are a good way of boosting your diet, especially Omega 3 fish oils, Vitamins A, C and E, B complex and Vitamin D3 and K.  Antioxidants help to reduce inflammation in the skin and a daily probiotic will contribute to good gut health.

Sun protection – one of the best ways of having younger looking skin is to avoid the sun and by using a good quality, broad spectrum SPF sunscreen. And remember to use in all weather conditions and reapply throughout the day.  UVA ages your skin and UVB burns it. Without SPF sunscreen protection you are at risk of skin cancer as well as prematurely ageing your skin.

Exercise – increases blood flow and delivers oxygen and vital nutrients to the skin keeping it glowing. Work exercise into your daily routine by using the stairs and taking a walk at lunchtime, try to get a little breathless. Remember your SPF protection if exercising outdoors.


Cleansing – is the foundation of great looking skin.  Double cleanse using a cleansing balm to break down makeup and SPF and then follow with a cream cleanser or wash off cleanser.

A microfibre or muslin cloth will help to remove every trace of cleanser. Check out the latest cleansing brushes which help to tone the facial contours while efficiently removing every trace of makeup.  A facemask can help to thoroughly cleanse pores and smooth and tone, aim to use one at least once a week.

Exfoliation – be sure to exfoliate regularly using a gentle exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and encourage faster cell turnover.  Use Alpha Hydroxy Acids (glycolic and lactic acids) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (salicylic acid) to effectively rebalance the skin and break down the cornified top layer and unclog pores to reveal fresher younger looking skin beneath.

Moisturise – layer serums followed by moisturiser and then sunscreen, allowing each time to be absorbed by the skin.  Pay special attention to the eye area by gently tapping eye cream or serum around the orbital bone and just above the eyebrow.

Tracey McAlpine

Tracey McAlpine

Remember your neck and use moisturising products and sunscreen in the same way as your face.  Treat the back of your neck as well as it’s supporting the front.  Oils work so well on mature skin; look for natural oils like rosehip and Argan oil and apply a thin layer under moisturiser for the best effect.

Massage – take a few moments when cleansing or applying moisturiser to firmly massage your skin, paying attention just under the check bones, along your jawline and the brow bones.  The stimulation will help with drainage and to carry vital nutrients to the surface of the skin.

Tracey McAlpine – Editor

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