Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for May 2018

Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for May 2018

An insight to your month ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…


The Sun moves through solar second which means money moves through your hands swiftly and you need to take control, not letting others dictate what it is spent on. Can you afford depleted savings? Do discern essential and desirable.

Home comforts prove costly with a new decor brightening up surrounds. After 20th is a good time for turning shabby into chic.

Ruler Mars brings new friends and groups to join after 17th and you will find fewer obstacles to your success by the end of the month.You thrive on making new friends and starting new interests so make the msot of a trend supporting expanding your interests.

Look forward to more praise for your efforts and a happier time socially as May progresses but avoid impulsive spending on trivia you know you will regret later.


Your time to shine brings gifts from friends and loved ones along with a feeling of abundance to keep you positive, and of course that royal birth in your sign makes you feel special.

Some friendships are on the back burner but don’t worry new ones are waiting to step into the gap they leave.

Financial arrangements need talking through with advisers after 11th and a trip connected to friends and neighbours brings satisfaction after 20th.

After 17th Mars propels you into rapid action so expect projects delayed over recent months to kick start into the fast lane. Be prepared for the change of pace in your life.

The last two weeks of the month bring a time of self doubt, a need to be more creative and make use of unused inner resources.


You have looked and felt good for the past few weeks and a few new purchases of clothes and accessories help you prepare for the wow factor late in May.

Career progress or status seems unsatisfactory could it be light you want shining on you is being shone elsewhere? The Full Moon on the 29th will help you decide whether this is a positive factor giving you time to pursue more private affairs.

Relationships may be fraught for a while demanding skilful use of diplomacy for a few more weeks, avoid upsetting prickly friends if you want to keep them sweet.

An inheritance or special token of someone’s lost life can give comfort amidst tension but after 17th stress subsides and you gain hope for a better trend of good luck.


Relationships have been a major source of upset and old friends may have behaved out of character leaving you tense or upset. Sometimes we have to spring clean more than just the house. Take a fresh look at which people we take with us into the future and which we sadly but productively leave behind.

After 17th you’ll find less cause for regret but new boundaries to cross, along with a need to look at the small print in any legal contracts.

Arguments may arise but if they clear the tension and bring to light better methods of dealing with irritating situations then this may prove a positive time where everyone benefits from better definitions of what is required to keep things rolling smoothly.

By 20th you will be looking at an image makeover so get ready to buy that new outfit or treat yourself to fabulous accessories to help you feel valued and worthwhile.


Relationships have demanded much tolerance and this continues when Mars puts a fly in the ointment on 17th forcing you to grin and bear it or lose it and not fear the consequences.

Affairs of the heart play strongly in the background of your life, do get regular health check ups to keep you ticking over and safe in whatever choices you eventually make Leo.

Lady Luck is still shining down on you and this brings a promotion or change in your status. Lucky Leo!

Meanwhile networking with amenable ladies and loved ones keeps you sweet and a secret affair captivates your attention later in May when gossips get busy trying to guess what is going on.


Are your relationships a little bit irregular, unreliable and unconventional at the moment Virgo, or not turning out the way you hoped many years ago?

Neptune conspires to keep you second guessing how others behave and what their next move will be, making you feel unsettled if not a little sad. However, with Venus fetching new friends and associates to help you feel cared for and wanted, you can be sure as long as you stay open to allowing new people into your life, there will always be someone around to fill the gaps others leave behind.

Of course routine keeps you feeling the universe operates as it should, but a little variety in your life can help you grow and feel more confident. There is more to life than sticking to a dull timetable and it is good.


Home is where the heart is but someone seems to have been causing some upsets on the domestic front or perhaps all that DIY demanded by the harsh winter weather leaves you feeling low on reserves.

Relationships are on the back foot with people promising one thing and delivering another but if you are patient, as only a Libra can lovingly be, once others have sorted out their own problems they will return to give you their all.

After 14th Mercury brings news of good things to come with some good luck tends helping you get what you want.

Ruler Venus brings new work and status after 20th as well as a flirtatious associate who stimulates your romantic streak helping you dream of new ways to make life work better for you.


If only you had a bigger budget what schemes and dreams you could further to turn your life around and make all irritations go away. Sadly you need to keep your purse strings pulled tighter and forget your race to grandeur even though those VIP’s surrounding you seemed to suggest it was on your way.

The good news is that after 17th you can take your foot off the brake of personal desires and begin to initiate some new outlets for your energy, a home improvement scheme looks to be heading your way. Taking out a loan to fund it needs careful consideration, but the delays of the past few months will be behind you for the end of May.

After the 20th a long standing love affair brings more harmony into your personal life with some good luck operating to keep things running smoothly.


Domestic life may be muddled and unconventional and this could spill over into your career efforts leaving you in a less prominent position than you feel you should be. Be prepared to negotiate progress with associates or the manager especially after 11th when planets promise to aid partnerships with helpful people. Later in the month more authority comes your way but can also mean you feel others have more dominance over your affairs than you expected.

Love has to take a low profile during May with differences of opinion causing disputes if not anxious times.

Family is in focus after 20th when meeting with old relatives brings you all closer together.


Stressful times for you should begin to subside the second half of May and hopefully you have stayed on top of any bodily symptoms that should have been checked by the experts.

Happily Venus is going to brighten up relationships. Children look better placed for success after 20th while any affairs failed or fouled up suddenly begin to be dusted off and restarted with new understandings to make them more nourishing than before.

Better trends arise on the work front so wait for 20th before acting on any decision about changes you want to make in your professional routine.

A new personal project looks likely to succeed later but use contacts already made to get help and advice that will make it work better.


You seem to be hiding passion very cleverly but this could adversely affect your health and wellbeing as well as relationships with others. Clearly you are dealing with a lot of stress and keeping much of it private, but after 17th whatever is eating away at you will be brought out into the open and hopefully begin to subside. Secrets will be made public so others can step in and give the help you need to deal with some vexing issues. A hospital visit may be necessary.

Work has been testing your mettle with obstacles to task completion frustrating your efforts. Don’t worry too much as the second half of May brings a change in the situation and you will find your ambitions are matched by a drive to chase after fulfilling them. Take up a new skill based course after 11th to improve your success rate.


‘Life is but a dream’ and you just a player on the world stage… lovely that must be…until reality demands bills be paid, managers obeyed and affairs tidied up to everyone else’s satisfaction. You can do it Pisces, just wake up.

Luckily fortunate trends bring a silver lining in every cloud while those annoying people spoiling the smooth social rhythm begin to move on to newer pastures during the month ahead. Expect tried and tested associations to return to their former reliable state.

Planning a tip abroad or even going on one is under consideration for you and a holiday romance or catching up with an old flame helps brighten up your horizons as spring unfolds.