Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for April 2019

Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for April 2019

An insight to your month ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…


Your birthday season sees you burning the candle at both ends as well as bringing sweet dreams to help you feel special and cherished.

Good luck steps in at the eleventh hour to help you win over all the obstacles presented at work and sometimes at home, so just remember when things get tough to pay attention to that little inner guide.

You’re unusually ready to detach yourself from any situation which isn’t likely to work in your favour, and your ruler Mars is best placed to keep you actively involved in pioneering some new pathways to keep you vibrant and strong.


All the planets conspire to keep you in the public eye one way or another, so forget staying home by the fire with slippers on and staying on the side lines.

It’s a good time to consult a good astrologer to try map out your next moves in life, as good fortune seems sadly lacking, leaving you to your own devices. Take care not to spend too impulsively to buy comforts you don’t need and cannot really afford at this time.

Later in the month health and confidence are not reliable but there will be more opportunity to take time out and relax.


Blood pressure is on the rise so if you find yourself getting easily aroused to anger take a deep breath and indulge in some mindfulness to regain control.

You appear to have been working harder than ever and colleagues have been co-operative, with one or two flirtations making your pulse race. Work and pleasure combine only for those wanting a new position, and rarely bring respect and better status, but only you can decide which path is best for you.

On a positive note life is presenting you with opportunities for new personal growth and self-understanding.


Relationships which stand the test of time are the best ones to continue nurturing but some partings and losses are inevitable.

You crave intimacy and are finding it hard to have satisfaction leaving you feeling let down by some and abandoned by others.

It’s time to take a deep look at the what kind of relationships you would like to develop in future and make a positive move towards spring cleaning the friendship wardrobe to allow new people to move in who can offer real scope for growth and happiness.

The end of the month sees you more actively seeking a better way of working and reaching out to others.


Exciting and innovative are your key operating modes at the moment leaving some colleagues stunned at your talent for creative output.

Your social life is full of perhaps combative sports or competitive engagements where you can prove your mettle setting your skills against those of others and winning.

The big outdoors gives great scope for adventure and exploring places you never visited before and you benefit also from taking up training or a new course.


Busy bee you! Work is extra important and you actively seek out ways of quickly finishing one job so you can swiftly take on another. Tensions between this and the domestic scene can prove testing so do take time out to dream of faraway places and plan your next foreign getaway.

Later in the month smooth running in relationships takes a mysterious unwanted curve into uncertainty as to others motives, forcing you to introduce modifications into your carefully planned routine. Sudden changes can be a source of inspiration so keep an open mind.


Health may not be upbeat as you would like and some adversarial situations drain your reserves. Domestic life, normally stable serves a few surprises, making you question making major changes, or removing. Some may even be considering permanent retirement.

Oh dear…decisions, decisions! But then you are no Prime Minister so take a closer look at your options. Semi-retirement or a job with less stress could be your best choice. Travel is inevitable in your current situation but managing it better combining activity with rest might help you regain a more dynamic and creative outlook.


Finances look good and family affairs seem to be all party, party, party, with only a few arguments stirring up the flow. I expect many Scorpios have an expanding waistline as there is a tendency to be enjoying some good cuisine, or perhaps you are trialling new recipes for the latest ‘Bake Off.’

Life fetches some unsettling situations demanding a closer look at boundaries, rules and regulations, but generally such stresses are offset by amazing social events that keep you sweet. Changes at work and within your work team are likely in the month ahead.


A parting or loss in relationships can bring some sadness but ultimately and eventually down the road of life, you can navigate towards meeting new and exciting people who will actually add to your prestige. What’s not to like about that centaurs?

You may be finding a sense of abundance around you currently and for sure fate and fortune via the planets are delivering some amazing opportunities to extend your skills and talents.

The only warning currently is to take care to choose your words carefully as your truth may not be a guiding lights others should be led by.


You can be a lone wolf and capable of working hard in isolation and still get great results. However, while there is no doubt you are an architect of much to be admired, staying aloof and detached can also work against your goals when others you perhaps alienate could step in and assist you.

The second half of the month brings planetary chemistry which enables you to better reach out to colleagues and loved ones who are ready to beckon to your calls for help, so use this to enlist their skills in promoting your aims and objectives.


As Spring breaks out all over you seem to behave as a shrinking violet with no inclination to look up at the sun or enjoy basking in a social whirl.

Oddly two planets counter conspire to force you out of your malaise in the month ahead, and as Jupiter demands expansion of team efforts and networking, Mars motivates or even forces you out into the big outdoors to see what entertainment venues have to offer.

Life is too short to miss all seasonal fun and after 20th you will feel more inspired to join in the Maypole and Morris dancing or at least try out new ways of dusting down the cobwebs.


April sees you very active with some DIY on the home front, along with meeting and greeting some VIP’s as part of your job or involvement in some project.

Charity work seems likely to be a source of activity for you with some sporting events for fund raising purposes.

You are at your most ambitious at the moment and could win a leadership role that makes you feel you are doing the rights things with all the right people on board. After tenth you will need to push harder to resolve situations, but good luck steps in at the last minute to rescue a major plan or project.