Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for June 2019

Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for June 2019

An insight to your month ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…


You could find domestic harmony lacking and be chasing servicemen to complete repairs to restore balance and sanity.

Emotional challenges could deplete resources leaving you frustrated and short tempered.

Some obstacles hinder career progress. Finances remain difficult to control and family tensions add to the month’s testing of your talents.

The second half of June sees you spending more time with young people or taking up a course of skill development to provide a welcome distraction from demanding situations. Don’t worry good luck is ultimately assured.

Expect an especially resourceful time to bring excellent trends for short distance trips and last minute rescue helping you out by 22nd-25th June.


Life seems unsettled no matter which methods you choose to stave off a feeling of not quite getting it perfect. This trend is set to continue for a long time, so adjust to finding ways to soothe stress.

Finances look good and treating loved ones and yourself to new luxury items will help keep everyone sweet, but avoid the chocolates to stay trim…

Your intuition is strong currently, so do consult your inner guide to gain insights into improving life, love and relationships.

The good news Taurus is the 23rd-25th should be an especially serene time for you when everything seems to go smoothly.


Communications is key to your success, but avoid butterfly meanderings if you’re looking for serious exchanges with important people. Ruler Mercury moves faster than ever keeping you restlessly fluttering by too many attractive sightings to stay still for long, of course this can lead to overstrain and nervousness.

Impulsive spending easily depletes financial resources, and compulsive buying and snacking could fuel regrets later unless you take care.

On a positive note life throws many new opportunities your way so be ready to form new relationships with those who can give you a lift up the ladder to success.


You’re on the campaign trail or prepared to battle any person or problem that stands in your way. Stay alert to blood pressure zones, along with accident or injury due to overly rash activity during first weeks of the month.

Some of you could be attempting overseas travel, good luck with flight schedules and the usual bad weather interruptions in the month ahead. The solstice arrives on 21st with an augury for atmospheric disruptions.

Drivers take care to avoid ticket inspectors or worse, and do make sure tax returns are up to date.

Old friends prove testing, be grateful for them sticking around rather than challenging their behaviour.


June stills holds some accolades in store to take pride in, with relatives and friends gathering around to share your good fortune with. Networking and playing hard is what you do well, and this helps reap dividends during the first few weeks.

Enterprise and career efforts hold many surprise outcomes while encounters with old contacts and good friends from the past help boost your popularity rating and broadens your appeal to others. Finances and family affairs remain difficult to fathom, use charm and charisma to ward off potential disasters.


Emotionally you feel satisfied things are working out, with a lifestyle pattern that keeps visitors arriving to help you remain uplifted and wanted. Career trends too seem to be working to your advantage though of course extra effort is involved to keep up with the extra work and attention this demands.

You seem more active than usual in group or networking activity and the end of June could fetch a rise in your involvement that delivers a position of authority but you could have to give up one role to take on another.

Venus saunters into a position after 10th that brings fortunate trends supporting confidence in your achievements along with a more relaxed and harmonious modus operandi. An office romance perhaps?


You’re working hard to show everyone what a mover and shaker you are, but could this be the source of discontent amongst people surrounding your efforts to succeed? Partnerships work when everyone is in accord but you will need to develop an assertive rather than aggressive interactive manner of communication to keep everyone united.

After 22nd you acquire a better role giving you more authority and you make gains from a new status that helps you command respect.

Ruler Venus positions herself favourably by mid-month creating some lucky breaks which give you more hope for a positive outcome and brighter times ahead.


The battle of the bulge could be consuming your time and energy due to a lot of partying and enjoying the good life, which you are of course making the most of at this time.

Relationships have been inspirational but a love affair you hoped may be long lasting could easily not withstand the test of time, watch out after 10th when changes interrupt smooth flow. Using good luck charms could keep you full of hope for a brighter future, but better still is an awakening to not forcing things beyond their sell by date.

A philosophical outlook develops and will serve you better than self-mortifying sieges, just resolve to accept and enjoy whatever your deity delivers.


Lucky you with all that positivity finally attracting popularity you have worked so hard to achieve for many moons.

Life is full of opportunities for growth while new and important contacts, many experts in their field, add to your store of understanding.

Make the most of this trend by trying out new ways of relating to those around you, as well as expanding the type of activity you get involved with. Charitable acts will reap rewards and helping others brings benefits you never expected.

After 10th you can expect better understanding to break out all over with the milk of human kindness enveloping and removing any insecurities that formerly held you back.


A budding architect you can be so constructive you spend hours poring over details others overlook and yet what you build is long lasting and stands the test of time. Currently, the only thorn in your side is a few people, possibly partners, putting a spoke in the wheel of progress, needing a speedier completion than you are ready to deliver. This creates tension but can add to your own creative output, so avoid being provoked into retaliation, acknowledge their needs while steadily completing your tasks.

An authoritative individual tries dominating the scene after 22nd; this could make or break your plans. Listen to good advice and be prepared to go back to the drawing board after 28th.


Vitality levels should be serving you well allowing you to accomplish many new projects and engage in tasks that bring satisfaction with your achievements so far.

Short distance journeys take you to new places that inspire and inform as well as enhancing cultural exchanges and understandings. New courses and skill developments add to your arsenal of talent and capabilities that help you feel equipped to better accomplish aims, as well as introducing you to people who are willing and able to guide and support your goals.

Financial affairs can get a bit muddled but ultimately you find resources available to help you fund projects.

The final week of June could be a little fraught with disagreements unless you are prepared to serve rather than rule those with more authority.


Your income is reliable though not as high as efforts justify, but status and career progress seems to offer rewards in more satisfying ways than financial. Charity work or even working with horses, in education or the media can provide good methods of expanding career avenues, as well as developing skills and talents that broaden your appeal to employers, or business contacts.

Domestic harmony improves after 10th with an additional boost to work routines that make it seem less demanding and more pleasurable.

Plan for some creative pastimes in the weeks ahead. Going to the theatre, music or other events, or even local festivals can bring pleasurable encounters that feed your positive and creative needs.