Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for March 2019

Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for March 2019

An insight to your month ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…


March brings a change in cosmic energy due to planet Uranus moving away from your sun sign after a very long if not disruptive stay.

Expect a more stable time and more control over life choices. Erratic behaviour subsides and people can rely upon your responses with trust being rebuilt in important relationships.

Team work could bring an exciting romantic encounter but take care with over spending just to impress. Impulsive speech may lead to a few disputes but these are soon forgotten.

Career efforts still slow to succeed but some good luck trends give confidence in belated results.


You feel more energetic than usual and could be planning to take up a new sporting or physical activity to release either pent up frustration or new found dynamism.

New outlets for your talents will take you in new directions with friends and partners astounded at how quickly you adapt and how easily you make essential changes.

A potential new partner or friend rotates into your orbit but with so many sudden changes arriving don’t expect a lasting romance. City travel keeps you on your toes.


A few deceptions make it hard to know who to trust but by 25th the truth will finally emerge and you can begin to understand what decisions are needed to move away from some confusing situations that have left you baffled and bewildered.

Avoid over eating and ensure a balanced diet with fewer or no artificial additives to keep healthy.

Your talkative tendency can lead to others avoiding you or not taking your ideas seriously, listen to the expertise of those around you before interrupting if you want to impress.


Relationships are a constant source of hard work or insecurity and partings seem inevitable. Long term friendships will stand the test of time but those you meet and greet have a lot to teach about your inner self so enjoy the ebb and flow.

Taking up a new sport that involves team work can boost your self-esteem as well as keep you fit. Networking brings many sudden if fleeting encounters as does acquiring more IT skills which could lead to a new position that requires supervisory skills or expertise. This would help boost your status.

The last week of March brings a brush with the law.


Partners are more co-operative than usual and March provides many affectionate moments to help you feel loved and admired.

You seem to be in pioneering mode and your motivation to accomplish career goals is high while partners support your efforts.

Some fortunate trends help you feel singled out for good fortune by the end of the month, with some events working out in a surprising way.

Be prepared for sudden and unexpected turns of the tide which could help you sail in a direction to greater achievement.

The great outdoors provide stimulating encounters with VIP’s, and many entertaining events and special ceremonies.


Home is where you heart is along with enjoying sharing it with some good company who lend extra meaning to your life.

New adventures and projects help you broaden your work and pet project horizons keeping you alert and interested in a broader range of outlets for your talents.

Tensions in relationships arise due to unclear communication and confused or idealistic needs and demands.

By 22nd bonds can strengthen and by the end of the month any duplicity or deception will begin to dissipate where love is concerned. Romance races supreme enjoy the liberation of imagining what might be.


Building a domestic surround to support needs and wants takes a lot of hard work and of course money which seems in short supply and it may even be an insurance claim or some unearned money is coming your way.

Antiques or recycling old materials could help serve your purpose so be on the lookout for bargains to be had in charity shops to help fill gaps. With a little flair and creativity you can turn a discarded or gifted item into something new and useful.

Short trips to new places inspire ideas for new projects. Take a notebook and jot down ideas for use in that novel or short story you kept promising yourself you would write.


Finances remain buoyant but you can be a little too extravagant so make sure you keep expenditure with limits to avoid problems or embarrassments later. People find your conversation stimulating and you are attracting an interested audience keen to learn more from you.

New, unorthodox and unusual off-beat individuals gather to share experiences moving in and out of your circle at a speedy rate; this remains a pattern for some time ahead.

Beautifying the home takes priority after 27th along with buying new furnishings and accessories to improve aesthetics to share with visitors, those you love, but also with potentially that special new someone in your life.


Life is good and positive for you but oh those new opportunities can pose dilemmas only you can resolve. Watch out for new doors to open all around you but which one to open or leave closed?

You seem easily parted from essential resources but are hanging on to sentimental objects including a few inherited articles which still mean a lot to you. Try finding ways of renewing or transforming jaded or shabby articles to extend their life and utility.

Take care with diet as you are prone to eating too many foods with additives. Take a look at medicinal values in fresh produce and embrace a broader range of products which can supplement your intake with healthy healing nourishment.


Life can be a little fraught but with your innate capacity to rebuild and reconstruct you are capable of taking a long hard look at yourself to find out new ways in which you can adapt yourself to demanding trends. This will of course mean developing new talents and extending old skills, and behaviour patterns.

Relationships are a little volatile at times with many new people from foreign places turning up in your life.

A need for something deep and meaningful in love and friendships can be driving you towards experimenting, sometime perilously, with those from diverse backgrounds to those you normally associate with. Don’t be drawn into scurrilous circles where artifical kicks lead to major problems later.


Buying new clothes and accessories helps you feel ahead of the game of life and love, and new admirers are easily seduced by your flair for flaunting the unusual if not eccentric but attractive apparel.

Networking and joining groups and societies helps expose you to a variety of social contacts as well as introducing you to new and stimulating ideas and projects.

Teamwork can be exciting and rewarding as long as you are all enjoying the game and joint adventure.

The month ahead brings in a need for change on the domestic front and you either begin a hunt for new frontiers or make a decision to change surrounds and lifestyle choices.


Self-esteem seems a little low but this will change as the month grows older. Night life has been full of dreams and schemes or you just bought a new more comfortable bed!

You are a romantic at heart and March fetches new ways of expressing your affections and later in the month you will find artistic talents surface to assist you in pursuing the object of your desire.

Career progress is assured and impressing all with your flair for creative thinking attracts those well placed to help you gain greater status. Media or publishing fields provide useful outlets for you abilities.