Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for July 2019

Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for July 2019

An insight to your month ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…


You can be forgiven for feeling overlooked with everyone else getting all the action. Saturn occupies solar tenth, taking you on a retro tour of past events making you feel obstructed in most moves to progress. Ruler Mars makes you renew old contacts in an attempt to see where you have come from while Jupiter begs you to look ahead and try out something new in order to bypass the blockages.

Enjoy time out to get better balance in your perspective on life, and enjoy a few home comforts and self-indulgences to keep you calm. Important decisions are best made when we are happiest so leave power struggles to others as the end of the month promises better self-empowerment.


Change is a major feature with fluctuations in your behaviour perhaps causing alarm to some, but attracting new energy that wards off boredom or distracts from tiring situations you prefer to ignore.

July is a time to travel and catch up with old neighbours and associates, as well as tour a few local places of interest to get some relaxation and restoration of your soul. Sea and spa resorts offer up tempting respite from everyday trials and tribulations, try an ocean cruise or lakeside day out to soothe worries away.

A letter or phone call around 20th brings news possibly connected to a family or domestic issue; intuition is currently strong.


Family and finances seem to demand time and energy with many issues arising that mean decisions may need changing to address unforeseen circumstances which keep interfering with plans already made.

A busy month and need for constant talks with family members to agree what is or is not feasible. You enjoy sharing ideas and looking for solutions and of course the flurry of activity suits your style.

Relationships remain strong and a sources of sustenance so use the month ahead to start new interests and hobbies. People around you are willing to offer help, good advice and support to get you started in any new enterprise you feel is the best way forward. What a busy bee you are.


The planets are playing with both you and Leos this month switching places and forcing you to take another look at situations you thought were settled or resolved.

Things look complicated but you can step your way through the muddle as long as you stay cool and don’t allow arguments to foil discussions. Be prepared for compromise and avoid impulsive speech and risky spending if you want to keep others sweet.

Certainly you feel compelled to buy a few little luxuries to cheer you up, but remember to throw in a few gifts for others so they don’t feel left out, that way everyone benefits from your attempts to try put things right.


Some lions may be enjoying holidays broad and even an overseas romance as well, making the most of trends that could be creating confusion and a little backroom activity that serves self-interests that need to be kept hidden.

Don’t worry Leo; your secret is safe with me…

Mercury gives cause for some concern when it manoeuvres into your private affairs from 7th, then entering your personal space from 20th and it is possible everyone will find out what has been going on behind the scenes, so don’t expect affairs to remain hidden indefinitely.

Meanwhile Mars puts extra fuel in your engine and you are at your most highly motivated and dynamic so what have you got to lose: perhaps your reputation or maybe a few people no longer useful to you?


The first part of the month sees you enjoying quite a range of social outlets and some special treatment or praise lifts your spirits making life seem more worthwhile.

Venus dances with ruler Mercury until 20th and spoiling yourself and others helps you express some of the joys of life you rarely allow yourself to indulge.

However, after 20th secrets, lies and videotape begin to bring cause for concern, and while you feel you need to retreat a little it may be plans you are making behind the scenes begin to spiral out of your control.

Take care of health, hospital visits are likely later in the month, and parking fines or an unexpected tax bill could upset your routine.


Domestic affairs look to be unravelling with attempts made to improvement suddenly requiring you to look again, undo some work or start again. Workmen deliver results but may not meet your expectations, perhaps wait for a while or look to the long term for better outcomes.

July is a good time for networking, team effort and seeking out new contacts, these could take you along a better pathway to getting the right people to complete the tasks you have to do.

Jupiter is helping with new ideas and interests taking up a new hobby brings fields of knowledge that add to those already explored, also delivering a different outlook on how you can express your talents and develop new ones. Vitality should be strong at this time, as should resourcefulness.


It’s the month to show everyone what you are capable of and to push for that new role. You enjoy taking the lead and watching others follow, and on this occasion it could be you get the formula right where you avoid using forcefulness and employ some good negotiating skill to bring others on side.

Certainly after 20th you are able to talk more fluently and persuasively and after 24th you become more influential in commanding the attention of those you seek to lead.

Affairs of the heart look to improve after 4th or it could be you feel greater connection with the divine impulse you feel permeates many parts of your life at the moment.

Finances and family affairs remain buoyant so take comfort in those areas of life.


An inheritance or dealing with the goods and possessions of others seems highly like to take up some time, energy and attention this month, or you could be trawling second hand shops and charity outlets to find old items you can renew and make good use of. Money may not be in great supply but using your initiative to recycle things you already own or can buy for little outlay could help you feel more in control of getting what you want to make life more comfortable.

Domestic affairs look a little muddled but if you are in the acting profession it could be you are living on a film set until the script gets delivered, or perhaps you just wish you were…

After 2nd Mars makes you more philosophical and ready to reach out further to grasp hold of life’s opportunities, or it could be it drives you towards working with charitable events to aid others.


Relationships don’t work as you wish and sadly do require effort for them to succeed. The month ahead sees you having to work harder to keep people you care for happy and feeling wanted. Happily Venus helps out after 4th and a new object of your affection could turn out to be that special someone who can give the kind of affection and support you need.

A change in your domestic situation or lifestyle seems likely or it could be a short break away from home is forthcoming in the month ahead.

Links with overseas people and organisations can prove lively and interesting but do not make any attempt to trust newcomers with cash they might be expecting you to send to ‘help’ them out. Be extra vigilant where business exchanges are concerned to keep your money safe.


Love life could turn a little challenging in the month ahead, and partings or differences of opinion can cause rifts. A rival can be interfering or being allowed to take over the interest and trust you were working to build with someone you care for.

Mars is causing ego problems to stand in the way of good resolution of conflicts, avoid rash action or statements you may later regret, unless you feel it really is time to end it all and start again somewhere else.

Your lifestyle is subject to sudden changes currently and mortgaging or rental contracts need looking at more closely by someone skilled in the law, so do consult experts rather than rushing into anything you may later regret.

An opportunity to form an alliance with a colleague or new contact could provide an outlet for self-employment or at least a new venture to help you revitalise your life.


July brings some amazing opportunities for spending time with loved ones as well as pampering yourself and indulging in activities that help you spoil yourself and them.

Career outlets or projects you engage with are full of new ways of doing things and inspiring people who bring a high degree of expertise and knowledge to bear on anything you are involved with.

New pathways keep presenting themselves to provide a sense of adventure, and a range of important well connected individuals help improve your status and standing in the community.

Charity work or taking part in charitable events brings a boost to your social life as well as making you feel good about yourself.