Paula’s Wines of the Week starting 30th April 2018

Paula’s Wines of the Week starting 30th April 2018

Lidl’s new premium wine selection, known as the Wine Tour, has been updated with 26 new wines – and they are all great. Great tasting and great value. With prices starting at £4.99 you can expect a wide selection of Hungarian, Spanish and French wines that will please your palate and your plate.

With 10 white wines, ranging from the Hungarian Tokaji Furmint (£4.99) to a French Alsace Gewurztraminer at £11.99 with an English white along the way at £7.99, this new selection has most corners of Europe covered.

The 10 reds stay closer to home – with three at £4.99 (all French), a Corbieres, a Pays D’Oc and a Bergerac.

The other six new wines are made up of two rosés (see tasting reviews below), two sparkling wines (both champagne) and two sweet – a Spanish Moscatel at £4.99 and another Hungarian Tokaji (sweet this time) at £7.99.

So what do the wines taste like? The reviews below are good starting point.

But if there is nothing there to tickle your taste buds then you won’t have long to wait for the next new installment – a new batch of Wine Tour wines is planned for release on May 24.

PG Wine Reviews

Corte Allodola Italian Soave Classico 2016, white
£5.99 Lidl
Apple, butter, oak and lemon with a grapefruit edge – the classic Soave flavours.

Grand Selection Hunagrian Tokaji Sargamuskotaly 2016, white
Beneath the mouth-filling Hungarian label this is a wine made from the white Muscat grape – and very nice it is too. Wonderfully floral aromas and taste with a pear twist make this a perfect lunch-time sup – the lowish 11% alcohol helps.

Carivin Spanish Garnacha rosé 2016
£4.99 Lidl
Creamy and light with apple and lemon flavours.

Cepa Lebrel Spanish Rioja Rosada 2016
£5.49 Lidl
Light apple and strawberry.

Corbieres 2016, French red
£4.99 Lidl
Sloes, redcurrant, raisin and violets. A slurpable red.

Saxa Loquuntur Spanish Rioja 2014
£6.99 Lidl
A sophisticated red with chocolate, cherry and blueberry flavours.

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