Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for March 2018

Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for March 2018

An insight to your month ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…


Planning for your future is aided by some good fortune and after 18th you begin to take action to make dreams a reality.

After 7th Venus and Mercury waltz into your life so get ready for lighthearted moments filled with romantic exchanges and a co operative time in relationships.

If you’re looking for love a few dazzling accessories attract a soul mate or unusual sizzling encounter by the end of the month.


What a busy bee you are with all those social outings and new encounters driving you towards interesting contacts for future use and entertainment.

March sees you become a little more reclusive with personal projects close to your heart forcing a retreat to focus exclusively upon hopes your heart holds dear.

Jupiter is still presenting a need to expand your horizons relationship wise so leave the door open for that special someone to enter and fertilise your hopes and dreams.


Work or a special project has absorbed a lot of your attention recently but after 7th you’ll will be ready to take more time to work with others at some stimulating events and activities.

Whether it’s wine or cheese tasting, a specialist talk or an organised walk up Mount Snowden or Scafell , there will be something unusual to keep you stimulated and enthralled with what life still has to offer.

Praise comes your way at last.


A new interest around 2nd conflicts with work goals or can add new insights if you stay creative.

An office romance looks likely or some serious flirting while working with others on an important mission. A fleeting encounter brings an ego boost to make you feel wanted.

Mars helps you move ahead with career plans after 18th when a rise in your status is easier to achieve.


Life is still a bowl of ‘pick and mix’ for you with unexpected outcomes for every plan you make.

However if there is one thing you can be assured of it is the fact that your own personal creative talents are being stirred to perform more effectively.

After 21st you can expect a new idea to bring you closer to achieving your dreams, and some good luck to help fulfil goals.


New doors and pathways continue to bring interesting adventures and encounters for you so be prepared to experience life on a road leading to destinations you never expected to meet up with, or even knew existed.

2018 is a time to expand interests, hobbies, ideas and personal goals so leave behind old worn out dreams and initiate some more appropriate pastimes and journeys that more perfectly address deeper desires.


Relationships are always your main area of concern but the month ahead contains many challenging situations teaching new skills and forcing better diplomacy if you want to keep everyone happy.

‘Yes’ to romance, ‘no’ to ignoring old pals in need of a little love and affection and say ‘definitely’ to new suggestions for changes that can benefit all.

After 21st someone tries to dominate the scene but with your newly sharpened PR talents I doubt they will succeed.


Career matters are still posing many challenges with nothing delivering what you expected or were told would happen.

Meanwhile on a more personal front Jupiter is encouraging you to take on new activities or experiences that will broaden your talents and help bring out hidden resources to deal with situations differently to deliver a successful outcome.

The lesson for you is change is good if it brings growth and helps you stay realistically positive.


Avoid get rich quick or surreptitious schemes which seem foolpoof and trustworthy but could cost more than you are lead to believe.

Overseas dealings can be fruitful but also full of pitfalls so avoid risky investments or dealers who have good sales pitches but little integrity.

Time spent with young people keeps you inspired but after 18th spend wisely on needs rather than temporary whims which serve only to win illusory favours with them.


Stable and reliable is your motto and while you may not be Prime Minister you certainly can be depended upon to move mountains when situations demand sustained effort.

Domestic affairs take prime slot after 7th so will need aligning with work schedules to make both succeed.

After 18th a little bit of irritability arises with the devil in details you hoped no one would mention.

After 21st your authority may be queried but remains intact by the end of the month.


A scientific working environment would make more sense for you or working as a team member with a variety of groups who don’t mind your detached objective approach to the job.

Emotional commitments create too many distractions but you will need to reconsider which is more important by 31st.

Jupiter is forcing a better balance between heart and mind so don’t ignore an opportunity to develop with a partner who can help you grow; avoid compulsive attachments which wont.


Finances look flowing and you could be spending on making yourself and home look good in readiness for that burst into Spring.

Jupiter is helping with many projects you hold dear and a man in an influential position is helping you get what you want.

After 18th social networking exposes you to new people, places and ideas that help you expand personal prospects and projects as long as you exercise caution and avoid fake news.