Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for June 2018

Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for June 2018

An insight to your month ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…


A good month for joining groups, clubs or societies which share your goals and can aid your status and ambitions.

It’s a month for basking in much deserved glory so expect praise and recognition for your achievements from new contacts you make.

Your love life goes into top speed with passionate encounters turning up the heat after 14th so save some energy for romance.


Your life is full of unexpected twists and turns and you can be forgiven for not being your usual stable self. Volatile Uranus is influencing your behaviour, choices and ambitions. Be ready for sudden changes in mood though friends may judge you erratic.

Focus on relationships allowing good people to lend support. Listen to advice but only you know all the factors you need to address in choices you make.


Spending on essential family needs and wants comes to an end but opening up new communication channels is vital if relationships are to gain an even keel. Promote fair hearings for all and don’t allow anyone to dominate the scene.

A short journey with a neighbour results in a magnetic attraction giving a boost to your flagging ego.


Old friends provide support you can rely on while leisure events bring new and important people to mix with. June sees you prioritise family affairs while a holiday abroad or interacting with people from foreign cultures provides spice to normal routine.

A visit to relatives helps strengthen bonds with those you hold dear.


June sees you forging ahead with career goals potentially establishing yourself as a pioneer or leader. Normally you foster anything which enhances your status but this month sees you roaring loud and proud to impress a certain someone.

Take care passion doesn’t overcome your rationale. You have a big heart but sometimes you do spread yourself too thinly alienating those you hold dear.


A holiday abroad and long overdue rewards for your work combine to make the month ahead memorable for you.

Partners need more space to pursue personal goals but will eventually appreciate your talent for defining detail and tidying up any loose ends.

A holiday romance sets your pulse racing. Even if you are in a relationship it’s a welcome boost to your confidence.


Finances look plentiful but you will need to plan ahead for the best way to invest spare cash so it earns a good return on a later pension. It’s also a good time of year to look more closely at how to spend spare time more productively.

Stay open to new invitations to social events and if shopping for bargains you can expect a bonanza of luxuries to just land in your lap…enjoy.


What a popular arachnid you are! New friends in high places enhance your status while a special male dignitary makes heads turn your way helping you feel singled out for special good fortune. Make the most of this trend to mix with influential circles.

An office romance could upset the daily routine by turning into a very passionate affair.


You are usually extrovert, confident with a love of adventure and need to be seen but recent events make you reclusive and secretive than normal.

It may be a new project dear to your heart is taking up much of your attention and keeping plans secret now helps give it a wow factor when you are ready to share it later with others. Good Luck centaur.


Engaging with overseas people and places broadens your mind while learning foreign cultural values keeps you well informed.

Avoid overwork and becoming tired and dull. A break in daily routine helps restore positivity and erase that jaded outlook.

Love may need extra help if you want it to survive, try a little romance but don’t expect too much in the month ahead.


Either you are on the campaign trail or have a bee in your bonnet driving you to behave impulsively.

Avoid rash action by considering all options carefully, an be aware sometimes it’s inner imbalance that is more in need of attention than those irritating issues you allow to intrude upon your peace and quiet. Take a break and have a health check before making decisions.


Young people are a welcome distraction but don’t allow them to over-ride your need to pay attention to your own affairs.

You feel confident about the future but confused about which way to proceed and which choices will serve you best. Sit down and make a list of your dreams and goals and decide which is the best way to promote progress towards both.