Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for February 2018

Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for February 2018

An insight to your month ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…


Teamwork and networking continue till mid month when a secret affair brings sweet dreams and encounters to keep your hopes high for a brighter future. You excel at navigating major changes packed with new opportunities.


Relationships are full of twists and turns with new influential contacts helping you change ideas and plans for the road ahead. The eclipse on 15th offers a new outlet for your energy while after 12th, Venus impels you to broaden your social life and join new groups.


Avoid minor transgressions to escape the heavy hand of the law and do take advice from experts rather than making rash decisions based upon little knowledge. The second half of February has new status and job opportunities and even an office romance.


You have amazing support for digging up new opportunities, why not take up metal detecting to see what treasures you can find? Do look at the small print on any documents you sign especially if working in education or with young people.


Home affairs, children, new courses as well as organising big outdoor adventures conspire to distract you from the daily grind. Fun and adventure for you but make sure loved ones and partners get full attention the second half of the month.


Someone’s health causes worry but solutions can be found around mid month. The second half of February is more upbeat with friends and family giving much needed love and support. Domestic changes are inevitable but can also be good fun.


Finances are better than usual and spending on new projects keeps you upbeat. Spare time is fruitful until mid month when a health or legal issue demands more attention and hard work. Stay upbeat and positive to harness creative solutions.


With Jupiter partnering ruler Mars you are assured of positive outlets for your efforts. Expect to meet up with old acquaintances elevated to influential positions from which they are able to sprinkle a magical touch to aid your ambitions.


Blood pressure can be on the boil so do take time out to prioritise where you spend energy and avoid rash actions. Your secretive behaviour could cause suspicions in situations where co operation, rather than scheming, would bring better results for less effort.


Sleep disturbances result from overworking but yes finances do look in need of a boost. Planets conspire to help with a new project and develop team-working skills. Link with experts and entrepeneurs whose expertise can inform your efforts.


Positive networking with new experts aids your rise to success and boosts your status. The eclipse on 15th is near your natal Sun so creative approaches and future planning need examining carefully at a later stage. Relationships need careful handling too.


Good luck shines on most of your activities so expect efforts to succeed to be met with nods of approval from some important people, even at the eleventh hour. Charitable acts help win friends and influence those who return the favour. Love is looking for you.