Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for August 2017

Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for August 2017

An insight to your month ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…


Enjoying days of sunshine brings fun in the big outdoors for you, and spending time catching up with old friends helps you feel life is worthwhile.

A solar eclipse on 21st may bring back memories of times gone by, make sure you bury the bad times and revive the good to help you stay upbeat and positive.

Family and loved ones help you feel wanted and loved, throw a party to show them you care.


A time to follow your instincts and pursue your dreams. You can initiate new pathways to help fulfil personal goals, but avoid overspenidng or running up debts until you are sure of the direction you want to travel in.

After 13th finances will need extra care so take a look at new ways of investing savings or starting a nest egg to help you feel a little more secure for the future.

Neighbours can be a good source of support.


Relationships continue to provide challenges and a transformation in your social circle is slowly making itself felt.

The solar eclipse on 21st makes you look again at your own behaviour, needs and wants. Be prepared to make changes in how you relate to others and don’t be afraid to leave behind those who no longer make you feel positive or nourished.

A short journey may be a source of good fortune for you.


Cupid is really looking after you fetching new admirers and surprising encounters full of romantic potential.

A new outfit, expensive perfume and playing those old crooner records can help release some good vibrations keeping you in the mood for love.

It may just be too much sun, sea and sand that sets your senses soaring, but why not enjoy the sensuous scene while it lasts—who knows where it might take you?


A fantastic time for taking the lead but Donald Trump will be centre stage this month so could steal the headlines and your thunder!

You love being centre of attention and entertaining others and as this is your birthday month there will be plenty of opportunities to shine and take a leading role on the family and friendship stage.

A secret admirer keeps you guessing while sweet dreams and late night parties feed your need for fun and excitement.


Generally an upbeat but busy time with some behind the scene schemes keeping you busy if secretive.

Get ready to put some plans on the back burner for now, and do seize all opportunities to network and make new friends. Join new groups if you are looking for love for Venus brings the chance to attract potential partners, and she also makes sure you are able to strengthen loving ties within the family circle.

A relative brings pride through a special acheivement leaving you basking in their reflected glory.


All good things surround you but you may be too busy to notice them due to so many new doors opening.

New friends, acquaintances along with an expanding social circle keeps you on your toes. Your partner is set to get recognition but watch the 21st bring some kind of turning point that either sweetens or sours relationshisp. Be on your guard and ready to turn situations into a positive outcome.

Efforts at work can be satisfying and an office romance looks tempting but is it worth the hassle?


Your ambitions peak and a promotion could be on its way. Be ready to put in that extra effort to impress those in authority who can offer new outlets for your talents as well as a salary to reward you.

A holiday brings the chance to meet new people with foreign connections while Cupid could sweep you off your feet.

Relationships look harmonious so make the most of this trend and dress to impress and network to get work.


Life brings little pleasures but currently may seem a little more painful for you with Saturn still souring some of your hopes and dreams. But all is not lost.

Introspection and soul searching helps you draw on inner resources to strengthen your position in challenging circumstances. Invest in new skills and expand your social circle to make the most of a trend for connecting with some really important contacts and well heeled associations.

An important male is fetching new horizons for you to explore.


August should bring some sweet experiences to treasure for years to come. The work routine offers rich opportunities for growth and expansion, while relationships should flow smoothly allowing you to get what you want with less effort for a change.

Connections with foreign people and places are especially fruitful and can help you see life from a new more nourishing and positive perspective.

The end of the month sees you change your beliefs as well as your hopes and dreams for the future.


You thrive on meeting new people and sharing ideas and experiences with new groups or societies so August continues the trend for expanding such outlets for your talents.

You may be on the campaign trail or starting new projects but these could be based upon sudden flashes of enthusiasm which don’t stand the test of time.

Avoid bossy people and arguments to avoid partings with people who might be best kept by your side.


Your intuition should be strong and a visit to an astrologer could help you get to know yourself better and help uncover new talents to foster new footways into your future.

Spare time is more enjoyable than usual especially when shared with family friends. A romantic interlude feeds your imagination but take care after 23rd when a rival could cause problems. Don’t allow others to dominate you take control of your own affairs.