Your stars for the week 7th-14th October

Your stars for the week 7th-14th October

An insight to your week ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…


Use diplomacy to win over those opposed to your plans. Developing mediation skills to take heat out of a situation will best serve your purpose and valued relationships.


Some have views at odds with yours and this can create tensions. Explain reasons for your views to let the other person know they are well informed and equally valid.


Some of your efforts may face unexpected twists and turns before you can finally see them put into action. Perseverance wins over perversity every time.


Try to hold back before acting impulsively and avoid taking issue with someone seeking a fight. The 9th makes you look at things in a new light; learn from past mistakes.


Initiating a new idea, interest or enterprise can help you re align home and work conflicts that have hindered success in the past. Love is where the hearth resides.


Life can be a roller coaster ride but so many new events are keeping you actively involved in rising to new challenges and discovering unused talent.


You can be authoritative when situations demand but do profess your philosophy carefully if you wish to impress others and value their expertise to keep them listening.


Some secret projects are still simmering away and need patience before imposing changes that may be unwanted by others. A softly softly approach may serve your goals.


Teamwork and networking serve your interests and will bring influential people your way. Listen to the voice of experience before taking half thought through action.


Life is challenging you to take the lead and stand up for what you believe. Pick your fights carefully to ensure you are able to continue the battle till the end.


You may need to take a back seat control for a while leaving others to take the lead from the front. A mutual appreciation society at work could aid your success.


A business proposition sounds tempting but you need to check the sincerity of those offering it to make sure it is a genuine offer and not just a temporary whim.