More time for travelling

More time for travelling

Reaching older age can bring a new lease of life – but most importantly it provides more time to invest in relationships, hobbies and travelling.

Being over 65 is a period of opportunity; a chance to seek new adventures throughout what may well be the most comfortable period in life. Living longer, coupled with leading a more active lifestyle, means the prospect of travel and adventure should be seen as something exhilarating.

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Mount Kilimanjaro

Consider the likes of Robert Wheeler, officially the oldest man to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro, who was driven by a thirst for achievement and breaking boundaries, even in his so-called twilight years. At 85 years old, Wheeler proved last year that travelling long-haul – and staying (literally!) at the top of the game – is more than achievable. Throw Strictly Come Dancing contestant Lesley Joseph, aged 70, into the mix, and it again becomes clear that later life throws up new opportunities – travel-related or not.

This thirst for adventure however, is epitomised in the over 65 appetite for travel. Stannah’s recent Silver Census, research which gives a voice to the older generations, proves that over 65s are keen to explore new horizons. More than 1,000 over 65s were surveyed, and the census found that close to half (46%) were eager to visit Australia, while just under a third (31%) would be keen to discover Japan. A further 29% would like to see Iceland’s unique landscape in the flesh.

Advancements in technology mean that many of these desirable destinations are just a few clicks away. What’s more, flight searches now come with hotel recommendations, transport links and insurance options – making the booking experience straightforward and intuitive. Suddenly, the world isn’t such a big place after all, and countries that have been unattainable for some time are now wonderfully accessible. And the older generation, who have the luxury of spare time, are obviously keen to get these crossed off.

Interestingly, almost 30% of those over-65s surveyed by Stannah revealed they are actually put off travelling because of the hassle of airports – which can often put a dampener on a holiday. However, dedicated services do exist to reduce the stress of navigating particularly busy airports, showing that travelling is being actively encouraged for over 65s – and rightly so! For instance, Heathrow Airport offers a specialised service that is designed to help ‘plan your route’ through the terminal before the real journey begins.

Ensuring that you find the right experience for you, whether it be a city break, beach holiday or activity-based adventure, also means you can travel safe in the knowledge that your holiday will be worth it. Any apprehension about embarking on later-life travel is ebbing away, as there is a real sense of freedom to embrace adventure.

Growing older is one of life’s greatest adventures. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity for renewed independence and exciting experiences.

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