Going places: five benefits of travelling in a group

Going places: five benefits of travelling in a group

There are many reasons why older people might choose to travel in a group: the loss of a spouse or partner, illness or disability, or simply an acceptance of wanting to do different things to your significant other in retirement, while not wanting to travel alone.

But there’s more to it than circumstance. Travelling in a group can bring many positive benefits; here are our top five to get you going:

1. The organising is all done for you

If you book a group trip with a tour operator, the finer details of your travel arrangements, accommodation and itinerary are all done for you. In most cases, you will also only have to deal with one person (or company) as opposed to conversing directly with individual hotels, airlines or attractions.

This not only takes the stress out of planning your travels, but also makes it easier once you’re on your way. With everything already organised, you can focus on relaxing, socialising and seeing the sites.

2. It can save you money

Ever heard the phrase, ‘single person supplement’? Solo travellers often have to pay a bit more than those in a group. For example, a single hotel room, more often than not, is not cheaper than a double or twin.

With group travel, the cost of food, lodging and transport is shared. Airlines, hotels and activity providers often give discounts to group bookings, meaning you can save a bit of money on your trip.

3. You can meet new people

Travelling in a group is the perfect opportunity to socialise with ease – having chosen your specific holiday, you already have something in common and each day’s adventures will give you plenty more to talk about.

Meeting new people or travelling with old friends is a sure way to silence loneliness and get more from your travelling experience. Everyone has their own perspective and sharing new experiences and learning from fellow travellers is invaluable.

4. Safety in numbers!

Most holidays go without a hitch, but there are of course some dangers to be aware of when travelling anywhere. Travelling in a group, especially with a tour operator, can take the anxiety out of your trip. It’s good to know that if something does go wrong, you’re not on your own.

5. It’s fun!

Travelling is meant to be fun! In a group you can share experiences, make friends and have lots of laughs along the way.

If you are longing for an adventure but not wanting to go it alone, look into group travel opportunities; it might just get you to those places that you’ve always wanted to go.