Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for February 2019

Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for February 2019

An insight to your month ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…


Life continues delivering unexpectedly sudden changes leaving many around you wondering what planet you come from. Happily you are capable of seeing the potential offered by a variety of surprising turnarounds and can change gear to adapt and exploit them.

Luckily Jupiter shines down some positive rays sending a lifejacket when needed as well as some good luck to help you out of any tight spots in the revolving door of fate and fortune.

Work is demanding but Venus brings a flirtatious associate to break up the monotony.


You have managed to navigate a few tricky situations by adopting an authoritative approach using your wisdom to deal with all who stand in your way. Good communication continues to be the key to rising above difficulties but after 15th avoid getting over heated and keep a cool head in all your interactions to avoid disturbing situations.

Happily ruler Venus helps you look for long term returns on your efforts so be patient when looking for results, while Jupiter encourages greater reflection when conveying ideas to others.


Some fortunate trends helped you stay upbeat about your future and after 11th your ambitions drive you into a more prominent position socially and on the career front. A new post or routine with some measure of authority may dance your way after 19th and could involve some teaching or training and sharing ideas with colleagues.

Relationships are strong involving meeting new people with specialist skills who introduce you to exciting and unusual topics never before encountered. Eastern beliefs and rituals could command your attention now, be open and prepared for a personal growth period.


Fate keeps throwing a spanner into your works and often it might be a good policy to travel the path of least resistance rather than risk initiating changes that can never come to fruition.

Separations in relationships can create some sadness but after 4th Venus helps you see the value of nurturing long lasting bonds with those you can trust and rely upon.

A visit to a specialist can be undertaken this month but avoid falling foul of parking attendants or DVLC before 19th.

Changes at work will involve more networking and joining new groups or working with teams.


Tensions and power plays in relationships need careful negotiation to avoid creating enemies you can do without. After 19th these should ease though arguments can still break out in the family, be ready to use mediation skills rather than dominate the scene. February is not your best month and health needs care especially after 19th.

Spare time can bring new adventures with the big outdoors beckoning along with excitingly different forms of travel and activity. Book a balloon race, take to the mountains, or investigate news methods of flexing your muscles to keep fit and active and eliminate those extra pounds.

After 15th you are on the campaign trail or taking up some new energetic activity where you are in the lead.


Domestic life finally becomes more peaceful and serene this month with new furnishings to brighten up surrounds and lively interesting people turning up to entertain you.

Career trends are also easier with good relations amongst workmates as well as tasks that don’t require too much effort.

After 11th expect some confusing situations to arise due to poor communication and after 19th don’t allow anyone to rock the boat on calm waters you prefer to keep unruffled.

Income could be less than needed so do some realistic accounting to make ends meet.


Short distance journeys with loved ones should have helped you revive vitality and after 4th your ruler Venus moves towards Saturn perhaps motivating you to think about painting a few walls or decorating jaded areas of your environment.

Work or major projects demand more travel and city travel though stressful becomes an unavoidable necessity for some months ahead. A need to stay away from home for longer periods can lead to unrest also arguments with those left behind who feel neglected and left with more than their fair share of the domestic burden, especially during the second part of the month.

Uranus is making you constantly shift your view of others and this can lead to instability in relationships but also fleeting encounters with unusual people.


Family affairs should be a source of nourishment and positivity even with some difficult relatives who seem more supportive than usual. You seem to exude confidence when talking with others and your sense of humour entertains all endearing them to your’ live and let live’ approach.

The planets are making think outside the box in terms of your beliefs and philosophy and you are ready to try out different ways of spending time and your new found prosperity.

After 15th a new dynamism overtakes you and as long as you don’t expect all to follow your will and whims, relationships should survive the cut and thrust of your energetic need to force a direction others may not want to go in.


Life should have been uplifting and more meaningful than usual for you recently even through some tough moments. You are ready for anything fate and fortune send your way with a strong feeling of invincibility as you race the track clearing hurdles with ease.

Family affairs could be difficult and communication stunted or limited but after 4th Venus brings some pleasanter exchanges that help heal some rifts.

Antiques hold interest for you at the moment and recycling old into new uses provides not only a good source of economic progress but satisfaction in helping save the planet.

The month ahead is full of opportunity as well as new ways to grow and become a better you.


You always work harder and longer than anyone else and health issues can steal up unnoticed until they strike you down. Take care of the minor aches and pains to avoid major problems later and do try introducing balance between rest and activity.

You have a tendency currently to adopt a detached view of the world and how you relate to it, often feeling invisible to those around you. This can lead to exercising greater discernment instead of following the crowd or trying to foster popularity. One of the architects of life you should use this time wisely to construct solid plans for the next phase of your life and fate and fortune compel you to look to the future and old age, to preserve and develop the integrity of who you are and what you have achieved so far and will achieve further as life continues.


A lack of self-confidence may have coloured your behaviour recently but as February progresses this will change as family affairs demand you take a more dominant approach to resolve the usual issues of finance and loving bonds.

Domestic affairs could involve some serious DIY or at least calling a few repair workers and given this is winter I can only advise you make sure pipes are properly insulated and everything is properly maintained to protect from sudden breakdown in essential appliances.

Sleep seems disturbed but after 4th dreams and a more comfortable bed could help you reunite with that heady state of relaxation that fosters a move away from Macbeth mode (aahh to sleep to dream) and into a restful night.


Some weird fish in your life but that is about to change as Mercury moves into first gear on 11th and the Sun follows on 19th making sure you wake up from your dreamy state and recognise the time is right to get involved with what others are doing and saying or risk being left out or behind. Yes confidence is in short supply but talking things through with those you trust will help you see what your strong points are and what you can do to build better relationships.

Career trends are under really good stars, though income leaves a lot to be desired, but do experiment with new ways of doing things and rub shoulders with VIP’s to help feel good about yourself.

After 15th a short journey with relatives boosts vitality and offers up a new perspective on life, love and the universe.