Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for September 2017

Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for September 2017

An insight to your month ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…


Enjoyable times with loved ones continue until 7th when you begin to feel challenged by events.

Diplomacy is needed for the month ahead and rather than reacting impulsively you are best advised to consider issues from all angles before arriving at any final decision.

Health needs extra attention. Take care not to blame others for low periods when in fact it may be you need to reconsider a diet and health regime that serves your well-being better.

Luckily there are many around you with expertise to guide you through some testing times ahead but that changes after 21st when a loved one needs extra support.


Home life gives you a space to relax and enjoy life and stay away from stresses and strains which have taken their toll on your nervous system over previous months.

Visitors are helpful and supportive and new bonds are forged with kind neigbours who have your best interests at heart.

A legal issue or dealing with contracts has taken up much of your energy and attention but some resolutions or satisfactory outcomes could begin to arrive this month.

At the end of the month spare time is less fraught and more enjoyable so plan ahead for some good times to share with those you love.


It’s all systems go by 5th so get ready to tango super fast with an upbeat phase where you enjoy socialising, catching up with overdue affairs and completing tasks you left on hold.

Your lifestyle moves into quickstep mode with visitors keeping you dancing to their tune but enjoyably so. You will have to juggle with work challenges interfering with your domestic schedule, but you always respond well around multi stimulus.

You benefit most from working with young children or by taking up new training or learning. Sign up for that night class or book an online course to maximise your popularity and earning potential in the month ahead.


You seem to be enjoying arguing or debating but this can alienate those looking for support rather than intellectual rapport. Be sensitive to the needs of others in the family to avoid causing an adverse reaction.

A new interest captures your imagination by mid month and it may be a work related idea that makes you look again at extra ways of earning money or finding more fulfilling employment.

Home life is satisfactory if not much improved on previous times. Consider reassessing lifestyle and better ways of making the domestic environment more supportive of your real needs and requirements for the weeks ahead.


Lucky you! Mercury and Venus co operate to make you a smooth talker who can easily persuade others to do what you want. You have a charming way with words others find attractive and many admirers keep you feeling wanted if not desired.

New pathways keep opening up and it’s up to you to choose which way leads to a better future for you, so set aside a little time to consider all your options before making your mind up about the best road to travel.

Short journeys to new places can be stimulating and provoke creatve ideas that fuel your desires, all of which helps you feel more confident of undertaking new responsibilities you would not previously have considered.


Away days and holidays help you relax and get away from rules and regulations that have made you stale.

Ruler Mercury helps you prepare for a more sociable routine and planning birthday celebrations should be less of a chore than usual and more of a challenge you can easily meet as well as enjoy.

A time to be creative and throw away old notions that only serve to make you grumpy.
Reach out for entertaining others to a vibrant entertaining you and there will be few disappointments in your birthday month to come.


Life is fetching many new and exciting adventures our way though you can be forgiven for feeling a little overstretched.

New people either with amazing expertise or specialist knowledge make you more inclined to measure yourself against their progress in life, but do recognise you are also growing and learning too. It’s time to listen rather than preach the gospel according to what is now becoming a very old fashioned way you used to do things.

Creativity may not flow as easily as you expect, but maybe it’s time to nourish new ideas in order to pour fertiliser on the jaded ones. Enjoy.


August always heralds the stirrings of a good time career wise for you, so if it is a new job, promotion or even self employment in a new field then now is the time to go get it.

As September unfolds you will face new situations that widen your networks and also extend your social life in a favourable way. Friends fetch new outlets for your talents so expect a vibrant month with many invitations to join in or share celebrations and special events.

Love is all around you so strut your stylish stuff to make sure you attract that special someone who can make you feel the most desirable item on the social circuit, where you belong.


Much praise should be coming in your direction and your social outlets are the best life has brought your way so far. If not, then what are you waiting for, or are you being too choosy? Everyone has a story to tell so be ready to lsiten and you may find that pub bore turns into that certain someone you have been looking for over a long tme.

Avoid negative topics and remain positive in all you say and do to create an aura everyone wants to bathe in, that way you can be assured you remain an attractive proposition for any employer who is looking for that special someone they need to shine in their workplace.

The last ten days of the month are full of working with people who sing from the same sheet of music as you.


You are such a workhorse but lately you have been keeping your activity more secret than usual so not many will notice you burning the mid night oil. However, health will suffer if you don’t get out in the sunshine now and again and enjoy yourself once in a while. Don’t overdo the need to succeed at work.

Some very important people are around you now so make the most of the trend for being able to easily impress well placed individuals who can give you a lift up the ladder of success.

The last week of the month helps you feel uplifted and gives new hope that the future is looking more illuminated than the brightest star up above.


Relationships of all kinds take up much of your attention during the month ahead.

Love should run smoothly and happy times shared help you bond for the future making you feel life is better when shared with someone special. Good luck trends are more flowing for you than normal so make the most of all situations that can be angels in disguise or blessings from afar as long as you are open to the fortune that comes your way in unusual ways.

Some changes for loved ones and in your status duirng the coming weeks but sometimes these can be changes that turn out for the best in the long run.


You may come across as a little confused and woolly to others but as long as you are confident of what you are taking on then there’s nothing to worry about.

For sure some situations are difficult to control for you but as long as you keep the long goal in sight and work hard to achieve it then things will work out fine.

Loved ones are a bit puzzling to handle and you may be worrying too much, but communication is key to making sure you stay in touch with their needs.

Intution is strong at the moment so don’t ignore that little voice giving you good advice when you need it.