Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for November 2018

Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for November 2018

An insight to your month ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…


November sees you bright and actively seeking out new areas to express your talents. You can easily achieve recognition and praise for your hard work and skills this month as you sail through a variety of networks and social outlets spreading your wings.

Relationships get put on the back burner till 25th when things pick up dramatically so prepare to spend time with loved ones.

New horizons expose themselves giving refreshed hope for future trends and good luck gradually begins to flow more freely.


Twists and turns of fate leave your close associates wondering just when you are going to settle back down into that slow plodding groove they keep accusing you of being in. November brings that return to the old Taurean trait of not quite being stuck in a rut you enjoy, but at last finding a groove you feel comfortable staying in for a while, though some form filling and small print needs addressing first.

The 25th sees all systems go when plans on the back burner start to heat up but it will be next month before people arrive to help you see them through.


Things run reasonably well and speedily till 17th when you may have to return to talk ideas through with others so they are clear about what you expect.

Happily some well-educated or highly informed people area around after 9th to give special guidance and present new ideas that helps you feel November is turning into a month when new contacts and associations are beginning to pay off.

Romantic affairs look livelier after 25th so does spending time with younger people who keep you vibrant.


Family and finance take up your attention at the start of the month, while 7-9th playtime brings some memories to treasure. Consulting experts is best planned for after 9th and after 23rd a health check or financial makeover looks necessary.

You leave an argumentative phase after 16th and after 25th the domestic scene is more harmonious as a result. Expect a female associate to glide into your into your life around 22nd when time spent with friends who care can be rewarding.


Home and work issues have taken up time and attention recently but this won’t last. Jupiter is about to draw your attention to the big outdoors and expects you to spend more time in sporting activities or at least exploring some new horizons.

Socially things are about to improve with new friends arriving to show you how to enjoy the good life, while short journeys with friends and loved ones are especially comforting after 25th.


Finances look good and you can afford quite a few luxuries previously denied and this improves towards the end of the month. Family affairs look smoother than earlier in the year with affectionate exchanges cheering you up.

The domestic front takes on a whole new rhythm during November and for some months ahead with friends turning up unexpectedly prompting you to improve areas at home to aid entertaining. A more positive outlook makes you attractive to others.


You seem to be self-absorbed at the start of November and a trend of uncertainty about some associates brings a need to revisit how you relate to others and how your behaviour influences them.

Finances have been comfortable if not improved and the month ahead sees you starting new enterprises or planning some adventures that require exploring places further afield that take you to new horizons for the first time. After 25th you can expect some self-doubts to dissolve.


Your night life looks sizzling though a few unexpected events interrupt smooth play until later in the month-the mice will play while the cat’s away…?

Jupiter is about to improve financial trends for you but do thing about saving some rather than spending it all at once.

Socially things get much livelier as birthday celebrations see you catching up with old friends and partying but do watch that waistline Scorpio as you could be tempted to feast on good food for many moons to come.


Your ship is coming in centaurs so get ready to sail.

For sure you have had to count the pennies for some time now and this will continue, as will some of the disappointments with family situations.

Things may not have gone to plan socially either but a new ray of optimism enters your life during the second week of the month helping you realise there are better things to come and exciting events to look forward to in the months ahead.


You should be feeling more connected with the innermost you as your ruler Saturn continues its journey through your sun sign however; the second week of the month brings some seismic shifts on the domestic front distracting from the soul search or else adding to it.

Career wise progress goes backward before moving in a more progressive direction after 25th. An office romance may need sorting out, but after 23rd distant shores command your attention with promise of adventures to enjoy.


Is someone giving you a hard time or are you giving yourself one? Happily the stressful times begin to subside during the month ahead as new issues arise to distract attention and move everything in a different direction.

Avoid arguments if possible though do assert your needs, but look forward to new contacts helping you with new solutions to old problems or better ways of seeing your way through the high hedge maze you have somehow failed to get to the end of…until now.


Life gets more fast track and career trends start to offer up opportunities you never thought would come your way.

A male associate offers good advice or at least can you the benefit of experience which helps you make new choices about directions you wish to travel. An offer of a new post or area of work supervising a project or people helps you feel important and valued, and status definitely is on the up.

Enjoy a whole new chemistry surrounding your life in the coming months Pisces.