Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for June 2017

Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for June 2017

An insight to your month ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…


A strong streak of independence rules your actions, keeping you fired up and motivated to follow all instincts until 25th. Domestic affairs shared with those you love bring harmonious trends but by the end of June someone’s feathers get really ruffled.

Romantic temperatures sizzle to burning point.


Follow personal pursuits for the first week, enjoying a few short trips for social and recreational needs.

Harmony at work and home helps finally replenish lost energy of former weeks or even months, as you enjoy the company of new, interesting and stimulating people.

The first week brings a good time for al fresco dining.


Health needs care due to overstretching yourself but inner resources are always under your control to help overcome any shortfall in energy.

Birthday celebrations fetch fun and good food, to share with family and friends.The second half of June sees new solutions to old problems and a chance to finally rise above some irritating obstacles.


Some wonderful encounters with co operative people makes life worthwhile and Venus helps heal some now fading bruises.

Communication is key to success after 5th when your uncharacteristic humour entertains and uplifts.

After 25th Mars brings impulsiveness, even rash irritation, and a new drive to fulfil career goals.


Life is full of wonderful new adventures for you with an amazing array of exciting, adventurous stimulating associates who dazzle you with their brilliance and extensive knowledge.

Your optimism is attractive to all with Venus visiting your sun sign causing a dash for smashing new makeover and self pampering. New admirers respond to a sensuous you so get ready for love and a smooth time ahead.


All efforts are being put into adding prestige to your life with a few spanners in wheels of progress finally removed.

Some changes in daily routine can be expected later in the month, with domestic repairs reaching conclusion.

The second half of June you put renewed vigour into pursuing projects that eventually demand more effort than you had planned, are they worth it? Look to the long term for results to reach fruition.


Team work helps you extend your social scene and with productive chemistry operative you’ll find networking brings rich rewards.

Income is reliable providing potential to acquire much needed assets and a male associate is aiding your activities to ensure you are a success as he opens new doors for you.


The topics of conversation force a need to censor negativity speech if you desire others to stay interested.

The second half of the month some long standing issues irritate, but with a new outlook on life you should finally put old demons to rest.

Influential associates aid good luck trends keeping the wheels of progress turning for you by the end of June.


A little guardian angel stands on your should stepping up to the front line usually just when you were losing hope.

Stay positive and in tune with intuition to make the most of some serene trends ahead.

Relationships take up much time and energy with a need for make or break decisions after 25th, so be prepared for changes.


You keep personal plans well hidden, but this creates difficulties as well as dangers when others need more co operation from you.

Ruler Saturn forces a change in behaviour mid month when a romantic or other important relationship demands you share your goals and needs if you want it to survive.


Team and group work give opportunity for amazing encounters along with a need to practise and expand social skills. Expect growth in new areas of your psyche.

Relationships bring new friends with unusual ideas and by second half of the month you are more capable than ever of reaching out for new goals in life.


Romance remains buoyant until after 6th when rivalry rears its head with perhaps the green eyed monster lurking in the shadows.

Health needs care don’t overreact, your will only make things worse. Remember this time too will pass, and what will it matter 100 years from now?

Stay positive and get advice from experts you can trust to find new solutions to old problems.