Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for July 2018

Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for July 2018

An insight to your month ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…


Praise and recognition come your way but some delayed accolades are a source of frustration reaching hiatus by 27th. You like quick fixes but need to be patient until the end of the month when unpredictable situations subside.

Find solace in romance till mid month but avoid jealousy over rivals.


Decision making is difficult with so many ever changing factors beyond your control affecting the choices you need to make. Friends can be forgiven for standing back as your behaviour seems unpredictable and puzzling. Fate puts many spokes in your wheel of progress preparing you for better outcomes than expected. Meanwhile enjoy heady highs of romantic encounters.


Plans for the future need constant modification and eclipse on 2nd forces a financial squeeze and a change of heart.

Domestic routines and property affairs run more smoothly after 11th giving space for a redraft of hopes and dreams but wait until next month before making them practical reality.


You start July with new challenges but be patient for a fresh start to arrive by mid month.

Relationships can be testing with little comfort to offer, be positive about seeking company with only those who have your best interests at heart. Old friends are also encountering problems of their own. A quick win around 27th is soon frittered away.


You hide personal thoughts and feelings confusing those trying to help you. By mid July you are more comfortable engaging with relatives and a few little luxury purchases heal misgivings of the past.

The eclipse on 27th marks a major climax in relationship affairs potentially heralding a new partner to move forward with.


July holds sweetness and light with harmonious engagements soothing your troubled brow. Mid month catch up with an old friend and reminisce about the past. It’s a time to remember and honour those you both held dear.

A new outfit or accessories help you feel special while an overseas trip or link makes you feel romance still survives.


Secrets, lies, spin and romance combine to create cloak and dagger events and drama for the month ahead. Pleasant dreams and lusty encounters are fodder for speculation or are you simply intending to buy that memory foam mattress to rest your weary bones.

Teamwork halves the workload so get everyone involved.


Male associates give much needed support even though they leave you guessing for the first ten days. A new status, job or role helps boost your status with most of your efforts yielding results beyond your wildest dream.

A lusty engagement with an attractive associate sees you splashing the cash to impress someone special.


Delay new starts until after 10th but use the first week to pencil in details and consult experts.

Finances seems reliable but might not stretch to extravagances your would prefer so tone down your expectations.

The end of the month brings events affecting a change of heart and mind forcing a rejection of an unviable plan.


Hard times test your mettle with transformations forcing painful changes in relationship and personal choices.

Avoid impulsive spending to buy comfort and stay away from people wanting a fight.

Later in the month you can begin to plan ahead for the life you would really prefer to create for the future.


Keep a check on blood pressure and work excess energy off at the gym to avoid cantankerous people who don’t share your aims.

Better times arrive to focus your energy and passion at the end of the month when a relationship or meeting with someone in authority presents a chance to re orientate your goals and ambitions.


Foreign links are a source of merriment and feed a desire to make changes to plans for your future. Some interesting and expert people are a source of help and information, delivering stimulating companionship into your life.

Relationships improve with the month’s maturity but don’t take those you love for granted.