Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for July 2017

Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for July 2017

An insight to your month ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…


Energy spent renovating or repairing the domestic scene helps smarten up the home and the Full Moon on the 9th will make you reconsider making property work better for you.

A holiday or special social event later in the month brings meetings with vibrant young people and entertainment to enjoy and keep you upbeat.


Your ruler Venus helps to keep you relaxed and self indulgent until after 6th and resourcefulness pays dividends with a sudden influx of good luck trends by the 9th.

Any obstacles arising in your pursuit of personal goals are a way of testing your resilience and adaptability so stay alert to new solutions and be open to new ways of seizing advantages.


You enjoy debate and sharing ideas, and after 7th you put some of these into motion initiating a new enterprise in pursuit of personal goals.

Relationships with cautious, wise or older people can be testing, but strong bonds of affection are forming which make them long standing and worthwhile.

Venus attracts many friends old and new this month and special friends rally round after 26th. Enjoy.


Social life should have been enjoyable recently with holidays and short breaks providing sensory pleasures.

The full moon on the 9th accents relationships or business trends along with potential for encounters with media and the masses.

Domestic life remains busy with visitors keeping you on your toes but the stars warn of increasing debts to pay for partying or property changes.


Work becomes less onerous and more enjoyable as the month progresses and mixing work with pleasure is something you excel at.

Romantic encounters or just pleasant exchanges lighten your load but after the 21st some heated moments could see your temperature rise as passions get stirred.

Excitement arrives along with arrangements for birthday celebrations after 23rd.


You may be caught up with past events affecting relationships in the present due to Neptune influencing dreams and schemes connected to this area of life.

Separations remain a theme for a while but meeting up with new and old associates can give emotional healing to soothe your soul.

A trip overseas for work or pleasure could bring new adventures and family encounters.


Optimism should remain a positive force in your life making you more attractive to influential people who thrive on adventure and opening new pathways.

New starts and personal projects can succeed, even if you find resources limited, it just means hard work and effort but you have much experience to remove any obstacles standing in your way.


Some good luck trends have kept you vibrant and hopeful and willing to wait for carefully laid plans to come to fruition in the months ahead.

After the 21st you become more ambitious and will be looking for a senior position or projects which award prominence and status but take care not to make enemies who could thwart your goals at a later stage.

Romance takes a more important place after 6th so be sure to smooth over any disputes with loved ones to keep the fruits of love’s labour flowing.


Although many challenges of growing older take time and inner resources to deal with, your ruler Jupiter is well placed to keep others out there willing and able to help you win the game of life. Some lucky wins or amazing new friends and social outlets help you feel that the effort you put into rising above the hurdles is worth all the effort.

Keep smiling and good fortune will follow.

Family affairs take the spotlight on 9th and new friends rally round at the end of the month.


Some could be working abroad, taking a long break or continuing links with overseas affairs.

Others could be taking up a monastic retreat or staying out of the limelight to consider life’s vicissitudes. The 9th brings a wake up call however with the spotlight on you, and a lady friend giving unexpected perhaps even unwanted support. This will cause you to rethink priorities as far as relationships are concerned.

Overall the month has many new outlets to express your talents but love needs careful nurturing if you want it to succeed.


It’s good to feel inspired and engage in new pursuits but look again at how much energy might be better utilised by clearer planning and less changes of mind.

A little guardian angel poised upon your shoulder makes you aware of how much good luck now operates in your life. Be sure to ask for cosmic support to make your wildest dream come true but also be certain of what you want as procrastination will surely foil smooth progress.


Dreams and schemes and fairy tales allow your active imagination to feed your creativity, which is wonderful if you are in the film or creative industries, but beware of confusing issues if your job or role demands a more constructive less idealised approach.

Currently you are drawn to the mystical magical side of life when things don’t go to plan but consulting a good astrologer will help you identify more clearly what is your role in the universe and the best way to put it into action.