Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for August 2018

Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for August 2018

An insight to your month ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…


Life takes on a faster pace with offers of a new leadership position. Some hurdles and restrictions stand in the way of success but if you plan for the long term you wont be disappointed with what can be achieved.

Friends and partners are co operative with past associates turning up to share memories of happy times.

Some loving vibrations help keep you sweet so make the most of a romantic trends ahead.


You should have enjoyed a few romantic interludes but a rival now appears to compete for the affections of someone you cherish. Be patient and any competition might just fade away giving you time to work out just how serious you are about a certain someone.

It’s a good time to branch out and make new friends who can help you expand your horizons and find new solutions to old problems, helping you feel invigorated and renewed.


August gives new pathways to explore as well as opportunities to start new ventures and be more independent. City travel provides plenty of new ideas and meetings with business minded people who can help fuel and support your ambitions.

Spare time spent with loved ones and young people is enjoyable with many events to visit and share, helping forge stronger bonds.


Home is where your heart is so organise a barbecue and invite everyone to share your hospitality to help spread goodwill.

Finances are difficult to control so avoid overspending and look at ways of recycling to make money go further.

You tend to be more talkative than usual, take care not to reveal confidences or get carried away with gossip.


Travel is a major part of your daily routine this month and a general feeling of frustration and restlessness can cause you to embark upon fruitless missions that serve only to sap your energy.

A new car or mode of transport provides self indulgent pleasures while some short trips with loved ones are more pleasurable than expected.

It’s your birthday month so get ready to party in style Leo.


Subconscious and deep seated issues could be causing disturbance making you seek time on your own to try deal with an unsettled frame of mind. Dreams can teach a lot about the nature of problems so write them down on waking and use their messages to help you understand what is really causing concern.

Health should be good but keep confidence high by mixing with relatives you know you can trust.


You will be looking your best this month and new clothes or accessories help you attract a few admiring glances to make you feel good.

August is a good time to spoil and enjoy yourself and indulge in a few home comforts.

Domestic affairs are challenging and overspending on repairs and changes can get out of control as you surround yourself with little luxuries to make you feel special.


Too many opportunities present themselves and it can be confusing knowing which to take or leave.

Make a list of what you want before making any decisions and discuss your options with well informed people surrounding you to help make the best choices.

A male friend offers good advice as well as giving much needed support. Night life looks lively after 7th.


A foreign holiday or time spent away from the daily treadmill helps you refresh energy and boost your spirits. New friends help you see things in a different light but do take care after mid month not to force your new found philosophy or views on family or friends, they have different lessons to learn than you.

New groups or teamwork give pleasant experiences as well as a romantic interlude to keep you sweet.


Work takes on a new pace but take care of health and don’t overdo things.

People around you can be an irritant and a situation you thought left behind returns to cause concern. Learn new skills to help resolve and rise above the problem so you can feel confident of making the progress you seek both now and in the future. Life currently is full of tough times but also a time of inner growth.


Friends associates and partners create upheavals and seem less predictable than usual. Taking time to mix with people from different cultures helps expand your social circle providing a new focus for your sometimes desperate need to develop more intimate encounters.

Tensions ease slightly during August but the need to separate conflicts with your search for closer encounters.


The future looks bright and you can see better horizons ahead. There are new and exciting encounters and surprising experiences to broaden your outlook and make you more vibrant.

Some fortunate trends help you feel lady luck singles you out for good things and a new found faith in your future is forming to keep you hopeful and optimistic. Enjoy this special time.