Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for April 2018

Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for April 2018

An insight to your month ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…


A busy month ahead with people to see and places to go and many ideas to share. However, don’t expect permanent changes from plans you make as Uranus adds inspiration but also much fickleness, so not a good time for long term planning.

Everyone knows how amazing you are but you need to prove you can be relied upon when times demand it. Change is inevitable for you but staying grounded is also important.

Hard work stops and starts but your best times are spent networking and building new links with a wide variety of influential people.

Some sweet talking helps win a romantic attachment.


Make the most of the next three weeks of having ruler Venus smile down on you, leaving you looking good, dressing to impress and winning over some admirers.

Some sweet dreams leave you hopeful for a brighter future ahead, but it will be later in the month before you see any result for hard work and effort making them a reality.

Jupiter is helping you expand expertise and social standing so if there is someone you wish to impress make your move now to gain their admiration and support. A good time to make many new friends.


Sweet dreams and long lazy nights out with friends and loved ones might be distracting from the work schedule but are keeping you fresh and nourished.

Venus arrives in your solar first the last week of the month so a new outfit, perfume or accessories make you feel more attractive and dressing to impress works wonders for your love life.

Some good luck trends have been helping you stay positive for some time now and this continues, helping you plan more confidently for your future.


Don’t expect the current situation at work to continue for much longer, and any changes coming up will bring better things for you, especially at work. Some stressful times will soon pass but if you are looking for a new position perhaps now is the right time to shop around.

Looking at new ways of becoming either independent at work or in a self employed capacity may be a better way of taking more control of your working conditions. Uranus is set to inspire you with new ideas and methods of operating.

Social times shared with loved ones turn into long evenings of careless whispers as long as you stay open to unexpected romantic overtures from that special someone.


It’s time to look ahead and plan to take hold of the reins as well as exercise your authority. You have had some ups and downs but happily you have pulled through mostly unscathed. Some good luck trends helped you negotiate better deals for yourself and well placed associates stepped forward to give you support in getting what you want. This pattern should continue in April.

There’s nothing better than having friends in high places, unless of course you can harvest a better position of strength from which to operate and become more influential yourself. Time to shine Leo.


Confidentiality is key to effective communication this month so don’t get carried away by the tide of events and suddenly expose secrets of trials and tribulations which friends or associates expected you to keep private. Social networks need tactful handling so data share between those you know and trust only, and only what was agreed. Let tact be your code.

Socially there are a few obstacles to enjoying life to the full with either someone’s health issues needing extra attention or issues from the past demanding you tidy up loose ends before going out and having the good time you deserve.

Venus moves into solar tenth for the last week of the month so get ready for more co operation to come you way with help from loved ones lightening your load.


A month of making new and inspired liaisons with amazing people who excite and stimulate your senses. Domestic hardships can be forgotten as new partnerships fetch the key to unlocking either a new business venture or better way forward with work patterns and colleagues.

Some challenges leave you feeling a little stressed but by the last week of April these will disappear leaving you seeing a better way forward to getting what you want.

Your beliefs may be challenged currently but will grow stronger making you more confident in your abilities to cope with anything fate throws at you.


Every so often I have to warn you of the pitfalls of travelling with one foot on the brake and one on the accelerator pedal and the month ahead is one of those times when you need to better prepare for actions you undertake. Forward planning can do wonders for successful results, as long as the result isn’t about co ercing someone else to do what you want.

Anew hobby or enterprise will take time to evolve but guarding against expecting a fast result and looking closer at regulations and detail will be a bonus rewarding your effort later down the line.

Invite friends and their mates around to make the most of a trend for enjoying home comforts with adventurous new acquaintances who can help you broaden horizons and open new doors for you.


Conversations can either turn into impulsive comments not intended to hurt, but do, or revolve around negative topics which don’t endear people to each other. Take care not to dwell on the past or the dark side of life, stay positive to create nourishment which keeps others attracted to you.

A new adventure or visit to places you never travelled to before can help make you feel there are so many good things still to explore.

Expect to meet new friends while journeying who bring a fresh outlook on life and love to make you feel worthwhile and positive.

Romance races into your arena after 25th when a friend introduces you to someone who sets hearts a flutter.


Do take up a good exercise regime and don’t confront too many situations that leave your mind racing or pulse drumming as you are currently prone to a little over reacting or, are on the campaign trail.

You’re not usually in warrior mode but April is an exception when events conspire to fire you up creating a need to find soothing methods of restoring equilibrium.

It may be a love liaison is behind all the passion you are feeling, take care after 21st when a change of heart affects the rhythm of the romance, while after 25th you are faced with making a decision whether to stay or leave.

Avoid lovers tiffs and look to the long term to measure what is important in love and war.


Life should be full of new pathways, doors opening to new vistas you never knew existed and making new acquaintances who have the power to feed your soul with much needed insights. All conspire to bring out the best in you, helping you grow and expand your horizons and broaden your point of view and understanding of life, love and the universe.

Times may be hectic with too many balls to juggle, but eventually you will notice an inner awareness of how much taller you have become and how much you have grown. For some growth may be literal middle age spread, so avoid overdoing the partying and pay attention to a healthier lifestyle.

Love comes looking for you after 25th. Book a few social events to make sure you are optimising your potential for Cupid’s arrow to hit the right target.


Pleasant journeys with friends or neighbours bring enchanted days of love and leisure so take up all invitations to travel.

Take care who you share personal data and private thoughts with and do avoid grandstanding or currying favours by revealing ideas or gossip which could cause trouble for others.

A little magic is sprinkled on your social life when fate delivers an introduction to someone who livens up an otherwise dull or boring routine.

Do stay away from amazing offers as they will turn out to be more costly than you are lead to believe. Foreign shores may beckon but take care who you trust when sending confidential info and engaging in financial transactions.