Your stars for the week 21st-29th October

Your stars for the week 21st-29th October

An insight to your week ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…

A good time for forging ahead with career plans with motivation and energy at a peak. A change of heart could change one choice of direction.

Friends may easily turn hostile through no fault of your own. Avoid confrontation with those who have inner problems to resolve.

The big outdoors provides adventure to enjoy and a special event or outing fetches new friends to educate and entertain you. Good time for a new course of study.

Domestic affairs seem full of new ideas and amazing people helping you feel upbeat. A new interest could turn into a very consuming spare time hobby.

Someone seeks to take control and dominate the domestic scene. Meanwhile an old flame or love affair turns into something reliable if not long lasting.

Fate and fortune spin their wheel often leaving you feeling out of control. Sometimes the path of least resistance brings a result never gained by strife.

You enjoy sharing your philosophical ideas with anyone who will listen. Old friends are ready to share the stage with you to support your campaigns.

Your birthday month means spending what little you have on lots of fabulous luxuries, leaving finances in need of care and attention.

Love and romance often come knocking in unusual ways and it may be someone you have long associated with turns into that special person you have been searching for.

You are so fuelled up anyone standing in your way needs armour to avoid the fall out from your assault. Do direct negative energy into dancing on ice or a triathlon attempt.

Career matters see you leading the way to somewhere, but could it be an overseas connection brings a solution to the dead end you find yourself in?

Not a good time so keep you head down and don’t act on important issues just yet. Spend time making life changing decisions before putting them into play.