Yoga for healthy lower backs and how to relax

Yoga for healthy lower backs and how to relax

Does your back ache? One in three British adults will have back pain today.  Had you thought of yoga and relaxation as a treatment option?  It works!

A very large clinical trial has proven the 12-week ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ programme as highly effective and value for money.  It reduced back symptoms by 30% and work absenteeism 70% in a University of York study funded by Arthritis Research UK.

Healing comprises lessons with an experienced teacher, a book and the ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ 4-track Relaxations CD.  You could begin learning it this week with the CD.  It motivates people to help themselves to reduce stress and discomfort.  No prior experience is needed to benefit.  Relaxing body and mind is wonderfully calming and removes the top layers of physical and mental tension.

Yoga 1

Relaxation Methods

Sit on the floor with knees bent and hands behind you. Gently lie down onto the floor on a mat or blanket, placing a book or folded blanket under your head.  Close your eyes. With your hands on the abdomen, straighten your legs, with perhaps a pillow under your knees.

You may benefit from having legs bent or up on a chair-seat, heels supported as in the photo.  Be warm – perhaps with a blanket on top. Close your eyes and stay for 5-20 minutes, observing some of the following to keep you focused or listen to a relaxation CD for instructions.


–  Allow the legs to relax from feet to hips

–  Have a feeling of spreading as muscles relax

–  Allow the bones to sink

–  Relax the arms from fingertips to shoulders

–  Relax the sides of the trunk from side hips to armpits

–  Sink the navel on exhalations

–  Relax the shoulders, allowing them to sink into the floor

–  Relax the upper and middle back, back of the waist, lower back and pelvis

–  Relax the neck, the back and top of the head

–  Soften the forehead, eyelids, cheeks, lips and jaw

–  Sink the eyes and turn them down towards the centre of the chest

Yoga 2–  Breathe softly,
smoothly and steadily

–  Keep the mind in check with steady exhalations

–  Enjoy the comfort, joy and positivity of this moment

–  Do not stay if uncomfortable.

To come out, take some steady deep breaths to re-energise.  Slowly bend one leg at a time to place your feet on the floor.  On an exhalation and without twisting, gently roll yourself completely onto your right side and rest a little.

When you feel ready, do not use your back muscles, but facing the floor, use your arms to raise up to a sitting position on an exhalation. Slowly, and perhaps using a piece of furniture for support, come up, making the effort on the exhalation. Inhale once upright and breathe normally.


  • Relieves pain and anxiety
  • Relaxes the physical body
  • Brings emotional stability
  • Increases mental clarity / productivity
  • Enhances energy
  • Reduces stress
  • Creates a positive mood

Not just for back pain, the Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs CD has four 12-15 minute guided relaxation audio tracks, written and narrated by recognised yoga experts.  There is no background music – just a calm and positive voice.

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs relaxation provides pain relief without the negative side effects of drugs. Treat yourself to simple, easy, home healing that is proven effective. For more information visit

By Anna Semlyen, British Wheel of Yoga Specialist Advisor on Back Care.