Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for December 2017

Tricia’s horoscope predictions – Your stars for December 2017

An insight to your month ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…


A lot of your time has been focussed upon relationships and business affairs with stressful compromises arriving after 10th, perhaps partings as a result.

Arguments or discussions continue with New Moon on 18th making you think again about how much peace and goodwill is being lost and needs restoring for the festive season.

Career progresss demands more effort after too much turkey, but kisses under the mistletoe make you ready for anything thrown your way.


My sympathies for those struggling with turmoil on the domestic front, work around obstacles, don’t allow them to throw you off course. Stay away days are a feaure of your life for many moons to come.

Remain strong, look at the small print, deal only with issues you feel capable of resolving and leave the rest till you feel stronger–which will be just before bells ring in the New Year.

Not your best Santa celebration but ask the man in red to help you decide what future create for yourself and others you care for.

Merry Ho Ho Ho and feelings of good cheer arrive after 26th.


Full Moon on 3rd spotlights your appearance. Put on your best dress to get ready to dazzle and dash for baubles and bangles to swing into party mode.

Doubts dissolve and conflicts set to rest around 23rd when a happier time helps you resolve old anxieties.

A pagan at heart your solstice will be full of seasonal glows shared in peace with loved ones. A special gift sets your heart racing but take care you don’t over indulge in careless talk fuelled by too many toasts to the season of goodwill.


The 3rd brings a need for keeping secrets and hiding things away from prying eyes but beware 5-6th when a sociable time sees you mixing with the madding crowd who pressure you to explain furtive behaviour.

Too much drink and excited gossip loosens your tongue by 11th, but this is a special time of year when glitter, sparkle, fairy lights and fireglow helps everyone relax ready for reindeers and sleighs.

Why worry?

You do! But New Moon on 18th is a watershed making you realise the big day is going to be so full of fun all the effort will be repaid, with loved ones bringing more comfort and joy after 26th.


Too many swings of fate and fortune have brought twists and turns you never expected so asking Father Christmas for a halt and return to sanity might just bring the respite you seek.

You enjoy being centre of attention and the main party attraction so December beckons big style with exciting events to anticipate and plan for.

This year brings new visitors and a convivial time on the domestic front. Dress the rooms with garlands of holly, lots of tinsel and logs chopped to fuel the fire you need to fan the flames of love and desire once more.


Work features more than decorative trivia in your life for the first half of the month, but then you probably neatly organised the whole squeaky clean and smooth schedule for festivities at the end of the month sometime in errr…….July?

Tools down for you arrives after 18th, but only when you are happy that everyone knows what your timetable is, and where to stick the candles.

Your ivy and holly day will have family and friends helping you wind down at last to enjoy a brief, spontaneous, celebratory domestic goddess gathering, and an invitation to a special event helps put the icing on the cake and spice into your seasonal sauciness.


You appear to be spending time on personal projects which may or not be connected to making sure the end of the month is perfect for all. A new idea or even business venture captures your imagination and needs full attention for it to flourish.

After 10th your energy and attention is upon finance and family affairs, avoid arguments unless it is the usual debate about where the tree should go and who decorates it.

It could be that you leave most of the frivolities till after 23rd when guests arrive to imbibe festive spirits ready for Rudolph’s return.

26th looks more exciting and a trip to the sales or races reassures you that love is all around you if you just let it show….


The first week is great for hiding away gifts from prying eyes you seek to surprise later.

Relatives are behaving better and you enjoy renewed bonding with Venus icing communications to almost sickly sweet. Well done you, better than all that acid of previous months.

Wow, have you pulled the zodiacal Christmas cracker. Lucky you!

All good things come to those who wait. You’ve been good and that sackful of goodies empties down your chimney to gift you a memorable time full of parties and some cracking entertainment. A hangover guaranteed around 18th if you overindulge the wrong spirits!


Business affairs take up time and attention around 3rd though for some this may mean shopping for gifts with your mum or for that special lady in your life.

Avoid spending with people or organisations you haven’t properly investigated as currently you are prone to scams or being sold a dud deal.

For sure think about throwing a party for everyone just to impress all with your host with the most talents act, but avoid overspending now and regretting it in the New Year. Set a budget you can afford especially around 18th when vulnerability strikes hardest.


Life seems to lack a little lustre right now or you could be carefully plotting your next bold move from a beach in St Tropez or luxury spa waterbed at home.

The good news is life is about to take on a new tempo with career efforts finally being rewarded with more team support and recognition for your talents.

Santa could this very moment be packing up your new enterprise on his sleigh to give you exciting new ventures all wrapped with ribbon to open up and enjoy while choirs sing ‘ding dong merrily on high’……or is it all a dream ……….Watch out for flying sparks you old goats…


Dust off the zimmer frame, swallow the statins, shake open the old crumpled dancing shoes, get ready to sing, sway, saunter or soft shoe shuffle across the floorboards for some dirty dancing.

Musical events keep you upbeat and songs of Christmas and repeat tales of Scrooge bring back memories to enjoy as you tour the tableau of lights decorating halls, walls and streets around you.

Join a choir, learn to play a musical instrument or just tap in time to the beat of fun and festivities and you’ll never be alone.

The solsticial celebrations quicken your heartbeat and charity work can be especially rewarding.


Some disagreements may have caused dampened spirits and Christmas may seem an unwelcome intrusion but this changes after 10th.

Some questions over your income could impact upon buying gifts but your talent for creating something special with a lot of imgination and flair can provide presents that are more memorable and become special treasures for loved ones.

A female visitor helps you feel special on 3rd, while 18th helps you focus on career needs and ways to fulfil them. The 25th proves a special time for all Pisceans with a fantastic berry bake off and good spirits flowing.

Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, Pleasant Paganry, Yippee Yuletide to all.