Your stars for the Winter Solstice season

Your stars for the Winter Solstice season

An insight into the Winter Solstice period ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s Christmas horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…

You have little to lose and much to gain and Santa already has a sackful of gifts to give you good cheer before the big Day arrives.All good things now come your way.
Christmas if full of good cheer and sizzling sensual moments so buy the mistletoe early.

An extra active time for you with so much shopping to do. It’s not all good fun but decorating the halls helps create a warm inviting place to share with visiting loved ones.
Yuletide logs burn brightly with aromatic spiciness to keep you cosy and warm.

A few changes to your plans after 3rd, but nothing you can’t cope with. Some wonderful invitations get you in the party mood, so buy balloons and bottles of fizz to give good cheer.
A few wise men give good advice but you are more inclined to lead than follow unless it’s a bright star shining above.

Friends and family gather round keeping you busy, don’t allow any to dominate your life. A father figure is the centre of attention around which most of your activity revolves.
The big day fetches a need for more seats and a bigger table for all those amazing guests to gather around.

A stressful time with unexpectedly surprising changes to navigate, just keep your head while others lose theirs.After 8th friends lend a hand easing the load a little.
Christmas can be exhausting with parties galore, don’t spread yourself too thinly and watch that waistline!

Catching up with friends old and new takes up much of your time after 3rd, with some enjoyable jokes to share and good humoured banter. Family fun brings joy.
Lots of turkey, plum pud and the good life for you with so many invitations to feasts and festivities at Christmas.

Your generosity knows no bounds and with so many wonderful events keeping you cheerful and glowing your popularity soars.
A walk in a winter wonderland is in the stars for you book a sleigh ride soon and buy bells to jingle all the way.

Work might not be as rewarding as you would like, is it time to consider self employment to benefit more from your efforts? Invite a few close friends to help you decide.
The solstice sees you splashing out for cork popping parties and wild entertainment for your closest friends.

Relatives need help planning big events with many seasonal trips to see celebrities switching on twinkly fairy lights. Double check electrics around the home.
With so many praises coming your way it wont just be Rudolph’s nose painted red at Christmas.

You find it hard to be the life and soul of any event, you prefer posing privately with poinsettias rather than stand on show. Jovial Jupiter helps buck the trend.
Get ready to amaze all with party tricks and nativity plays and stun everyone with your hidden talents.

Good luck shines down so make the most of seasonal cheer to get what you want. Swing into action with some new clothes and accessories red with white trim perhaps?
A sore throat could be the result of making merry with mince pies, mulled wine and lots of raucous carol singing.

Significant events bring changes in your approach to life leaving you pondering the best way to adapt to unexpected situations posing challenges. Leave prickles to Holly.
Have faith and listen to the message of hope echoing loud and clear as bells ring out it’s Christmas