2017 your year ahead

2017 your year ahead

An insight to your year ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s 2017 horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…

If you know which sign is on your ascendant then read the forecast for that sign as well as your sun sign.

Jupiter is casting a wise eye over all you do and bringing new, well educated or knowledgeable people into your circle who can each help you learn more about life love and the universe and your part in it. 2107 is a year of learning and growth and experimenting with new ways of relating to life and people.

Saturn is blocking some good luck trends, making you hard earn any small step of progress coming your way, but also teaching you to develop a more viable philosophy that will make you more cautious about plans for your future. A new course of learning end of July can help extend your talents and take you into some exciting places for developing your skills and talents. June sees you perhaps wondering how you can work form home or, while a loved one helps with your reputation and status in August.

February sees you in romantic mode and enjoying taking the lead in an important relationship. Enjoy the hormonal high till June. New clothes, music perfumes and some stunning accessories to dress up your new appearance all combine to make you look eligible and ready for love. August brings loved ones to enjoy social events with, but take care in September not to take too much for granted, but by October a smoother way forward is promised. It’s all up to you.

Recycling or finding new ways to make use of abandoned possessions serves you well in 2017, and can help you make use of and develop creative talents that help you feel fulfilled.
Good fortune is not too free flowing but you are a hard worker and can soon find new ways to overcome obstacles. 2017 seems full of challenges and contracts, and taking a closer look at contracts you sign, and this can be frustrating as well as hold you back from making the progress for change you were hoping 2017 would bring.

Take care of income which could arrive late, and money owed or due may take longer to arrive than you expected, so be prepared to rob Peter to pay Paul to make ends meet and stay solvent. Career trends are better 2018, so don’t raise hopes too high, just expect a few good people to step in and help when things get really tough.

March sees you firing up on all cylinders, make sure the blood pressure stays under control as events can be challenging with a fast pace of life expected. Passionate encounters may also take place. June is a good time for catching up with friends as well as engaging with a little romantic frisson that lifts your spirits. A holiday romance would help you deal with frustrations in other areas of life.

Not a smooth flowing year, but certainly a year when many changes force you to rise to new challenges.

January brings many occasions to flirt and share ideas with many and varied people and a new business idea could be the start of an exciting venture for you. Don’t expect things to go too easily as some obstacles might be preventing you making a big mistake if you don’t tread carefully.
Teaching, consultancy work and working with children can be exciting as well as provide some adventures to make you feel inspired and worthwhile. Look for new areas of learning to provide more scope for business talents and work outlets, and even eventual promotion in the long term.

Relationships continue to baffle and bewilder and you may be forced to spring clean the friendship wardrobe as you begin to see who is really offering meaningful and supportive friendship and who is just hanging around for old time’s sake. Older people or old tested and true friends are your haven in a storm, so don’t expect newcomers to be a source for extending your social circle in 2017

January brings an office flirtation that may or not take you somewhere love lies, but certainly gives an associate who is more than helpful on the work front.

Love comes knocking at your door in July, when you take a look at your appearance and decide to be more adventurous with the way you present yourself. A new wardrobe of clothes or at least a creative approach to self presentation helps bring a few admiring glances helping you feel sparkly.

Domestic life is under revue and you seem to be trying to find new places to live, or new ways of organising the home front to suit work styles and demands.

2017 is a good year for taking a closer look at how you manage home and work and how to reorganise the domestic front to provide a more supportive environment to the lifestyle you want to achieve. If you are looking to move home or make it a happier place then this is the year you will find it easier to do so. Avoid running up debts to make improvements and don’t remortgage the house unless you are certain of that promotion you begin the year fighting for.

Workmen or servicemen need careful handling, make sure you check there previous work before taking them on to avoid arguments over the standard of work they provide. Don’t sign contracts or agreements without understanding the small print, and do be assertive when it comes to negotiating what you want and what you are prepared to pay.

August is a time to spoil yourself time and you spend it with family or those individuals you love. A holiday romance looks likely in July, and it could be you introduce that special someone to relatives in August. June is a passionate time and you are either campaigning for something you believe in or competing with others to get what you want. Saturn moves into the relationship area of life for 2018, which will bring some new life lessons to learn about loving and living no matter what life brings your way 2017.

The start of the year always brings a hangover for you, probably from partying too hard over the festive season. By the end of January you can expect someone in authority to make you get your act together, but don’t allow them to take over and dominate proceedings too long. A personality conflict could cause arguments but withdraw and take yours somewhere it is admired and respected.

Changes arrive mid February and looking at regulations and health and safety hazards keep you informed and well equipped to deal with any emergency situations.

Mid March to mid April brings in some good luck trends when you begin to shape your future goals and get some easy ways to achieve your wishes. Mid April to mid May allows much progress on the work front so aim for bigger successes for that time of year.

Motivation to succeed and follow personal goals this year fall under good stars, so be ready to initiate new projects and pathways for yourself. Travel locally and regionally also brings new contacts and interesting, influential people who can help you get what you want. September to October is the best tie to find your new pathways bearing fruit.

Investments need care as interest rates aren’t favouring a raise in your savings, which do look a little depleted, and will remain so for many months to come. Not a good time to be cavalier with money.

August and much of September brings easier life trends with support from people who admire you and your work. A new wardrobe or makeover helps you feel on trend and a few flirtatious encounters help boost your ego. Either a new romance is likely or a deepening of bonds with your current partner is something you can look forward to at this time. Designer gear for you to look extra special in occurs in September.

Home is where your heart is the start of 2017, with some difficulties or obstructions to your efforts on the domestic front causing you some worries and anxiety. This trend shouldn’t be a major focus for your energy for 2017, try instead to make the most of family life and good luck where finances are concerned to redirect your attention to something more positive. If you seek a change of daily routine then you can produce it, don’t allow shortcomings of others to stand in your way.

Friends seem to be antagonistic, while family affairs provide many opportunities to get together to share good experiences and entertaining events.

April – May bring strong trends for forging ahead with increase in status and taking the lead to get what you want, while July sees you working with co operative people who help you achieve your goals. Your working lie can often be full of ups and downs but it can make you seek out more creative solutions, instead of sticking to tried, tested and often dull routine. August helps you see how greater flexibility and harmonious environments can provide better working conditions.

September sees you irritable and it is a spur to taking up a new exercise regime or ensuring you pay more attention to how you spend your energy. Avoid overdoing things even though events are forcing changes upon you that draw you into some challenging situations that need carefully handling. By 20th September loved ones are helping out, easing your load, and you should plan a spa or short break to replenish lost energy. Romantic options arise mid September- mid October, as well as the beginning of the year. Team work in August can also fetch a romantic encounter.

2017 is your time to shine so get ready to party big style, meet up with very influential people and experience some of the highs in life to create great memories for many years to come. You can succeed this year if you really want to with planet Jupiter ensuring you are open to every opportunity. the only problem is so many arrive.

2017 begins on an energetic note with you surrounded by some young or vivacious people who help you expand your social circle and outlets for your talents.

2107 is a busy time, with many new doors opening but a flurry of activity with multiple challenges and demands taking up your time. it can be difficult to know which door to open given so many appear ahead, but patience and intuition help you make all the right choices, especially in Autumn, but why wait till then?

April-May are times when you achieve much in your project work or work routine, and you get help form family and partners to support your efforts.. June sees you flowing with some good luck trends so if you need to ensure that a project close to your heart runs smoothly then choose this month to set it going, if that’ possible. June /July are generally good times for work efforts to succeed, with August providing a special tie for either an office romance or working in an harmonious environment that brings out the best in you.

Initiating new pathways for yourself may prove a little difficult as your vitality and resourcefulness is blunted by Saturn all year, but this means you need to examine things more closely before deciding what routes to follow. Travel an also be thwart with frustrations so avoid embarking upon unnecessary journeys.

Libras are lovers at heart but you have to wait until October before the one you love stays by your side, though February also gives some romance to enjoy. July brings a little bit of special good fortune that helps you feel singled out for stardom.

2017 is not your best year financially and you may have to cut back on desirables to fund essentials if you want to stay out of debt. Your diet is not very healthy either and you need to stop eating stale or let over or out of date food, as well as find new ways to cook cheaper more basic and nourishing fruit and vegetables, without additives to ensure your health stays manageable.
February health issues can drag you down and make you more argumentative than usual, but be aware a change in diet and daily exercise can help you rise above some who compete with you and for what you want.

April brings changes and a need to look again at the small print on contracts you sing and you will also need to set new boundaries with loved ones who could be a drain on your resources and energy come August.

Jupiter isn’t helping as it brings only lots of night time entertainment keeping you up late, though for sure you meet with interesting and diverse people who share early hours talking —or indulging your favourite physical activity.

July-August is the time of year when work gets interesting or at least a new project gets you inspired along with an offer to work with someone you share a mutual admiration for. it is also a time to forge ahead with career plans and your ambitions.

Love comes knocking for you in January this year, then again in June and again in November when you treat yourself to self indulgences, probably overdue but certainly helping you replenish some lost energy. Fortunately Jupiter swings into your sun sign come October so any frustrations now will be a thing of the past by the end of 2017

The bad news is life is still a little dour on some levels, but you may have got used to this now and expect things not to change, expecting to only make the best of what is going on around you while you can. The good news is 2018 certainly shapes up leaving the doom and gloom behind you, so don’t take things too seriously or expect them to last indefinitely, life just never does that.
By now you will have learned many new things bout life love the universe and your place in it, and the nature of your talents and the limitations of your capabilities. Saturn is a hard taskmaster and makes us look inside when things go wrong, rather than leaving us to blame others for our own shortcomings.

The other good news is it is a brilliant year for learning to allow others to take their share of the limelight if you realise you can bathe in their reflected glory for minimalist input. What’s not to like about that?

Teamwork and networking brings some new adventures and working with some amazingly well informed and experienced people who know others who matter, even if they themselves don’t. You benefit from groupwork and teamwork and can help grow new skills and find new ideas to shape your life with and make it more inspiring. Career pathways also become less onerous as a result.

September brings special efforts to play in your ambitions when you can forge ahead and take the lead. October brings an office romance your way, take it or leave it or take your partner to work instead to enjoy the vibe.

By October you enter a new phase where the world begins to be your oyster and everything you always wanted is just within your grasp and you can see that, but also you can see that some of the things you always wanted are now no longer important nor do they matter any more. That’s life folks the good news is some exciting and better days lay ahead by the turn of 2018.

You probably can be accused of acting secretively or being more reclusive than normal. A bit rich, given that is your modus operandi but accusers haven’t got to know you that well have they?

You don’t ordinarily seek the limelight, but you do work hard and that’s what keeps you away from the pubic eye, and for sure you have been doing more than your fair share of work this past three years, but what have you got to show for it?

2017 is a year of progress career wise, but some gains are peppered with losses, fine if the bits you lost weren’t responsibilities you wanted to shoulder anyway. Health could also be a bit worrisome and there may have even been a few hospital visits here’s hoping all turned out fine.
Jupiter continue to bring changes or even more losses of roles or areas or work but this clears the way for more important issues later, so not to worry too much.

October/November is a time to expect to put more effort and energy into work prospects and make changes if that’s what you want. October also brings better trends for working with some good team workers making the load easier to carry and ensuring you confront some new practises that equip you for greater things. In fact by Autumn I see a promotion for you.

August brings some good rapport with colleagues and with your partner and friends generally, but in June some challenging encounters make you stand back and take another look at who to trust and who to keep at arms length in future.

Love is not something high on your agenda, unless your natal chart shows something different, but June brings romantic encounters and potentially the return of an old flame, while August sees you strengthening bonds with those you currently are attracted or committed to. October sees you forming an affectionate bond with a work colleague and could even augur an office romance for you…or not….you usually are too busy being a workaholic to notice such things!

The good news is Saturn your ruler enters your sun sign in December and brings all the hard work and drudgery, as well as all the good things you hoped for, but for sure all the situations that make you happy as well for 2018

You probably are too busy with all those groups, campaigns and organisation that help make you feel special important as well as meaningful, to read this, but here goes.

A little guardian angel sits on your shoulder currently and if you are old and wise and mature you will feel its presence and listen to that little voice in the silence of stillness. For sure using your intuition will stand you in good stead for 2017, so take time out from all that networking noise to be quiet and hear what is being silently conveyed to you, and you won’t be disappointed. Trust your own instincts, it sill say, and follow your inner wisdom.

Harmony should prevail in family affairs from the start of the year, while finances seem to bring many luxuries to enjoy. Work is favourable for those who enjoy being part of the team effort, and October things look like bringing you more of what you want in your career sphere, but will also mean extra effort to succeed, but it will all be worth it.

You will have learned a lot from others so socialising and extending your circle will brings many rewards in the year ahead.

Domestic life proves challenging in March, but more relaxing in June, while romantic adventures beckon in July and August.

Expect passionate encounters from 20th July into August but these work out well as long as you are prepared to co operate, but take care in September when it could be make or break or time to bring in changes if love is to survive.

October brings new influences at play at work and some lazy but fascinating people in November, and time to relax and not take things too seriously. Working life takes on a whole new trend from the autumn fetching a more chilled approach to aims and ambitions and a slower pace that gets things done but maybe not as well, but certainly more gratifyingly than usual.

Love is all around from the start of 2017 helping you feel needed and special and ready for what 2017 has to offer.

Career efforts may have been unrewarding for quite some time now, although for sure some people you met have livened things up a little helping ward off some of the downside.

You have been the one looking at the detail and having to do due diligence so things don’t go wrong and this has lead to a rather dull work routine which demands careful action planning and little reward for your substantial efforts. it may even be others delivering less got he promotion and recognition you sought. Scandals may have rocked the boat on a few occasions, here’s hoping it was just gossip and nothing you were involved with, but relatives may be coming to you for updates, and keeping the issue on the boil.

Some sharp talking if not arguments could break out in late January to February and again late October, so try stay away from anyone who is trying to start a fight or create tension you can live without.

With ruler Jupiter in solar eight you are navigating some changes and perhaps disturbing events, avoid careless action that can lead to accidents. Contractual obligations, insurance and other legal issues take up a lot of your attention, and you may need to set priorities and establish boundaries in terms of time and motion.

2017 is a year of change for you, but also a time to look beyond the ephemera of the physical environment and dig deeper to find meaning and significance to the vicissitudes of life.

Romance can help keep you motivated and sweet so January looks good for you, as does August, and September and October brings some harmony to play in relationships. If you are looking for love these are likely times to find it in 2017.

2018 looks like a better year with fewer irksome problems and more progress in store.