Your stars for the week 14th-21st October

Your stars for the week 14th-21st October

An insight to your week ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars…

Mixing with influential people brings new friends with exciting ideas providing you with a more adventurous outlook on life and love.

Take care of your health and don’t expose yourself unnecessarily to health and safety hazards. Loved ones prove unreliable, be patient with their problems.

Life in the fast lane to pleasure and spoiling yourself with love lurking around the corner to make you feel all that time out enjoying life was worthwhile.

Relatives may be staying or expecting visits from you and a welcome home or celebration event provides much entertainment and fun.

A good time for overcoming fears and obstacles as well as defeating those who compete with you. Romance takes up your time and attention after mid week.

A special project you hold dear might be better completed at home where you can pay more attention to the devil in the detail. Keep up with maintenance on domestic items.

Not a very good time to make final decisions due to your ruler Venus moving into a new arena. Seismic or memorable events could affect vitality.

You are such a dreamer and schemer and can manage to wriggle your way out of most sticky patches. The week ahead sees you become sugar keeping others sweet.

Look to long term friendships for support this week, but don’t allow personal problems to turn you into a grumpy bear who argues with all if you don’t get the honey.

If you are in the military then planets bring you support for your campaigns, but if not you may need to tone down the action if you want others to stay on your side.

A seismic week ahead so have confidence in your good luck charm to keep you safe from harm. A romantic encounter may be life changing, is that what you want?

Stand back or stay on the fence but fate and fortune will blow your way whatever the weather. Use a personal project to develop talents to be proud of.