Here’s why 40% of people would prefer parents to use a home lift

Research has revealed that 40 per cent of people would prefer their parents to have a home lift rather than a stairlift installed in their home.

With the new generation of home lifts coming to market with a range of features and benefits, it is not difficult to see why a survey, commissioned by Stiltz and carried out by, suggests that lifts are no longer just a luxury home accessory for the super-rich. Or why an increasing number of people would feel safer knowing their parents were travelling to the upstairs of their home in a ‘through the floor’ home lift instead of using a stairlift.

Safer and sociable

Home lifts are an excellent solution if the regular stairs are restrictive, whether linked to reduced mobility, a heart condition, asthma or even high blood pressure, where minimal exertion is needed when moving between floors.

As opposed to the more conventional stairlift, being in an enclosed lift and travelling between floors eliminates the risk of a fall and means the user can keep their independence without needing help from a family member, friend or carer to get on and off the stairlift. Most lifts can also accommodate two (or even three) people unlike a stairlift which is designed for one person only. You can even take the family pet with you!

Convenient and Discreet

Some home lifts can travel between floors in just 30 seconds which is so much faster than a traditional stairlift. Many domestic lifts are quieter than stairlifts too.

There are also new home lift models on the market now which can be installed almost anywhere in the home and be fitted in a discreet place or, even hidden from view entirely, if necessary. A stairlift, however, can only sit on the stairwell.

A stylish addition

Unlike stairlifts which can be unattractive and unwieldy, the new generation of high-tech lifts coming to market are as sleek as they are home-friendly and are aimed at people who are looking to access all areas in their homes, but do not want to compromise on style.

The new style of home lifts are designed specifically to blend naturally with the existing living space and can compliment any personal choice of interior design so come with bags of visual appeal.

Upgrade the home

Installing a lift makes the home truly multi-purpose because they are also an excellent option to transport heavy groceries, boxes, luggage, golf clubs and even young children.

Homeowners, investing in a property with a lift get a home which is both geared to remain flexible and relevant for an entire life journey whilst containing a cutting-edge and prestigious piece of equipment. It really is the ultimate upgrade to any home.

Low-fuss one-day installation

Some of the new-style of home lifts available are non-hydraulic and self-supporting and do not require any hydraulics or even supporting walls. Once the lift is installed, it plugs straight into a domestic power socket and it is ready to go.

The installation can take as little as one day, and the only work needed to be carried out by a professional builder is a small opening in the ceiling for the lift to pass between floors.

What can look and feel like a generously-proportioned lift can have a surprisingly small footprint which means homeowners save on precious floorspace too.

‘Future proofing’

Home lifts are also proving popular for ‘future proofing’ the home. Yola Mealing, Marketing Manager for luxury home lift brand, said: “We have noticed an increase in sales of our home lifts from people wanting to future-proof their homes.

“They might be homeowners in their late 50s or 60s who have no immediate need for a lift but also never want to move home again which can be very expensive when you add it all up.

“By installing a home lift, they are preparing for later life when they might need it. In the meantime, it provides them with a smooth and stylish way of transferring between the floors of their home.”