Cut out the Middle man if you deal direct with Acorn

Cut out the Middle man if you deal direct with Acorn

Choosing and buying a new appliance for your home might not be as easy as you think, and you might find yourself saying much more than you need no thanks to the ‘middlemen’ involved.

The ‘middleman’ according to the dictionary, who buys goods from the manufacturer and sells them on to retailers and consumers, taking a cut of the profit. Where there’s a middleman, it adds to the final price of the goods, because the middleman is making a living from his part in the process.

The problem is, there can be a whole series of middlemen standing between the manufacturer and the consumer, all taking a cut and all bumping up the final price of the goods.

An example of this, the manufacturer might sell his goods to a wholesaler (middleman 1), who then employs a distributor (middleman 2) to transport the good to a network of retailers (middleman 3) who might then subcontract delivery and fitting to a specialist installer (middleman 4), all increasing the price of the produce for you, the consumer. If each middleman in this exampled charged just £25 per item for his service, it’s a £100 added to the price the end consumer pays for that item.

All kind of home appliances can have their price bumped up by the involvement of middlemen, and that includes home stairlifts from suppliers. But that’s not the case with Acorn.

Acorn cut the middlemen by selling direct to you, the consume, to keep the cost of their award-winning British-made stairlifts as low as possible. They believe they off the best value for money on the market, and hundreds of thousands of customers around the world agree.

Dealing Direct with Acorn you would get the whole package in a single stop. They manufacture all their stairlifts in their three UK factories, where they now make more than 70,000 stairlifts every year – more than any other manufacture. This ‘economy of scale’ also helps them cut manufacturing costs and makes their Stairlifts extremely fair priced.

If you’re considering a stairlift, the first step is to book a home survey to measure your staircase and assess your mobility needs. With Acorn, your home surveyor will be employed direct by them. One of a network of experience surveyors based throughout the UK. When your stairlift is fitted, it will be done by an Acorn engineer. They don’t subcontract this important work because no-one knows their stairlifts better than their specially-trained installers.

The same applies with ongoing servicing and maintenance of your Stairlift, carried out by their own network of trained and experience service engineers, employed directly by Acorn. In short, when you buy a stairlift direct from Acorn, you deal only with Acorn and no-one else. There aren’t any middlemen at any stage of the process, ensuring you get a top quality British stairlift at the best possible price.

This direct-to-consumer model helped Acorn become the world’s biggest company dedicated solely to the manufacture, sale, installation and maintenance of home stairlifts. Having successfully established in the UK, they have been able to apply it successfully in overseas markets. They now export their UK-made Stairlifts to more than 180 countries worldwide and are the established mark leader for stairlifts in America.

If you’re thinking about having a stairlift in your home, why not give Acorn a call today on 0800 073 9775 to get the ball rolling. Your home survey is completely free and without obligation. It will give you a comprehensive quote for your tailor-made Acorn Stairlift, with no hidden extras and valid for a year, giving you plenty of time to make up your mind. And by dealing direct with Acorn, you can be assured that there are no middlemen taking a cut and bumping up the price.