Your stars for the week 9th – 16th September

Your stars for the week 9th – 16th September

An insight to your week ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars …

Relationships now become a major source of humour, nourishment and serene pleasure for you with friends old and new offering much sought and needed support.

Health and lifestyle needs care and consulting specialists would help eliminate worries, fears as well as a few aches and pains you shouldn’t ignore.

Domestic affairs are under the microscope is someone trying to be ruler of your domain? Would a mobile home provide a temporary solution to your needs?

Home is where love lives and currently smartening up surrounds would help create a cosy retreat from all those storms that shake your ship.

Socially much is demanded to keep all interests moving forward and everyone happy. One interest could now become a nice little side earner.

Stay patient until 16th as life between two eclipses is challenging while your ruler is in retreat. Finances look good while relatives help you feel wanted and loved.

Life begins to feel less stressful after 16th, with actions achieving results and bringing the success you have worked hard to accomplish.

Take care with money which may not be stretching as far as your needs demand. Night life looks good while overseas affairs promise new friends and romance.

That tantalising team I mentioned previously may now be a source of scandal, leaving you feeling bruised and sore yet again. A gym escape eclipses lurid headlines.

Get ready to see the fruits of all work efforts begin to show, with success finally arriving after 16th. Be prepared to dress to impress as well as be offered a new post.

Take another look at financial commitments to find where you can slim down your spending and produce more affordable priorities to help money go further.

The eclipse on 16th in your Sun sign puts a spotlight on you. Maternal figures help or hinder efforts, wait until 17th to make major decisions.