Your stars for the week 11th – 18th September

Your stars for the week 11th – 18th September

Good luck trends should be on the rise after a complex issue that’s obstructed your progress so far this year career wise, gets finally resolved.

The New Moon on 13th brings a new twist in a financial tale that could mean they lose, you win and can celebrate with a new found fund.

Your lifestyle should be more adventurous than usual with new friends or acquaintances showing you short cuts to winning ways to influencing important people.

Love and social outlets may have been low on your list for a while but now is the time when that situation very slowly begins to turn around.

Next week you wont be stuck for words but could find you will have to choose them carefully if you really want to win over those sponsors of your pet project.

New Moon 13th brings a time to plan new directions for your energy and talents.The world is a big place, where have you explored and which challenges are you ready for?

Networking brings exciting encounters and romantic attractions to keep you confident and being more open to the language of love makes your toes tingle.

Your night life seems a little neglected or are you spending too much time on your ipod or pad? Next week sees you choosing your words more carefully so you don’t upset anyone.

The 13th marks a special date to impress dignitaries or those whose insights can be of use even though an old worry returns to haunt you, take care of your health and don’t overdo it.

Career wise there are changes this month with new routines or tasks in sight that will help get out of the old worn out track. Adjust to a new groove and discard the old worn out one.

Get ready to impress mid month, and do prepare to transform your communication skills into a power house of positivity that leaves others speechless and you looking good.

Personal hopes and dreams begin to change with new solutions arising combined with a new way of entertaining or relating to people, showing everyone just how smart you really are.