Your stars for the week 13th – 21st June

Your stars for the week 13th – 21st June

Expect the unexpected and you wont be disappointed. Life continues with this theme of surprise combined with a drive towards complete transformation.

Expect to put some personal goals on the back burner as family and finances, even the bank manager, make demands on your time and attention.

The Full Moon 13th, brings high hopes for a future only you can shape and make reality. Avoid taking out unaffordable loans to fund dreams and ambitions.

Consult privately with authorities which can help promote your personal goals. You may have to wait till July before you can forge ahead with plans.

Just when you expected to be able to be more independent an associate draws you back into team working and dealing with group dynamics again.

You have every right to expect praise and recognition but someone expects you to go the extra mile before giving you what you deserve.

You could be feeling all tied up and driven to distraction and although changes are inevitable you can take hold of the ropes and take control. Dictate your terms.

Friendships are high on your agenda and planets support establishing good alliances that will stand the test of time. Look out for love.

At last people begin to understand how hard you work to develop bonds and foster good relationships. A potential parting turns around into friendship once more.

Love and leisure provide much needed outlets for frustration encountered in everyday life. Hostilities can finally be resolved to your satisfaction.

You are tempted to throw away old values and beliefs and next month new friendships introduce you to a new set of values to guide you in the future.

A male figure or someone in authority is trying to rule the roost. Use diplomacy to eliminate tyrannical behaviour and set out new rules of play.

Lunar Lore
Scientists believe the Moon may have been formed after a collision between earth and proto planets over four billion years ago, but then you should never ever ask a woman her age…..expect a redaction shortly stars