Your stars for the week 23rd – 29th September

Your stars for the week 23rd – 29th September

An insight to your week ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars …

Many surprising twists and turns fetch interesting new opportunities you never considered. Watch out for silver linings, though not many clouds appear around 26th.

People are being so very supportive so you can relax and enjoy less stress and an easier time. A stroke of good fortune helps you fulfil a long standing ambition.

The big outdoors and attending a major entertainment event helps you stay upbeat and brings contact with old friends who share your playful streak.

A seismic time where relationships are concerned. Be prepared to form a new partnership at work or play that forces you to look again at your needs and wants.

You love to party with friends but prefer working on your own to develop new interests out of old projects to make a profit on the side. You’re such an alchemist Leo.

A change of heart or mind brings a turnaround in leisure plans and family or finance may be stretched to the limit. A short overseas break brings relatives closer.

The sun is shining down on your efforts with many adventures to enjoy along with new friends from different cultures enriching your social circle.

You look and feel stunning and attract a few admirers along the way. Vitality should be at high levels motivating you to seek out new money making machinations.

Some irritation and disturbances should begin to subside in the week ahead, but do guard against speaking your truth too harshly if you want to keep others sweet.

You are constructive and with Mars moving your way building talents peak, bestowing amazing powers of resilience and power to impress influential people.

A loss of position or influence is only temporary and could affect your motivation. Meanwhile a stroke of good fortune brings an offer you can’t refuse so stay strong and alert.

Teamwork and leading others will now feature strongly, be ready to make changes and move with the times. Career efforts should now bring amazing results.