Your stars for the week 15th – 22nd August 2014

Your stars for the week 15th – 22nd August 2014

Changes in work or general routine may be taking longer than expected to come to completion. Avoid hasty action to speed things up as currently you are accident prone.

Life should be feeling unusually serene and cupid could be causing a fluttering pulse. Are you ready for another romance or is your heart still looking to be mended?

Happy times should help you feel more in control at home and in the daily routine. Short distance journeys with loved ones bring adventures but may be costly.

Relatives are much more open to sharing celebrations and if there has been strained exchanges now is the time to smooth out differences and start anew.

Life continues to speed along in the fast lane and your popularity increases. Any negotiations turn out to your advantage with good luck on your side.

It’s a good time to put personal affairs to one side and set out to achieve ambitions which are well within your grasp. Avoid gossip or overstating your needs.

Financial affairs need careful control and could be a source of concern. You need to balance impulsive spending with better money management and firm family priorities.

Focus on achieving a major career goals and avoid useless hostilities. Take time out to deal with unresolved internal conflict and have a health check.

Working with a friend or partner will bring benefits but avoid tactless remarks that may seem humorous to you but could be offensive to others.

Take special care to adhere to rules and regulations as any violations will result in a fine from parking pirates or a punitive impassive authority.

This is a good rime for catching up with friends as well as for extending your social circle. Team and groupwork could connect you with a soulmate.

Things seem tough but it looks as if there are plenty of good people around and fortunate events helping you cope with the tricky bits.

Lunar Lore
Solar winds leave Helium three on the Moon and scientists say this could be used to create energy for use on earth for many years into the future.