Your stars for the week 16th – 23rd September

Your stars for the week 16th – 23rd September

An insight to your week ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars …

Intimate relationships remain fascinating but don’t take too much for granted or rest on your laurels. Two planetary influences in the week ahead, put your loyalty to the test.

A good time for a getaway or to relax with friends. Stay positive and don’t allow others to drain your energy, take time to look after yourself.

Your ruler Mercury goes direct this week offering more power to your elbow and a faster turnaround on decision making and success with projects close to your heart.

The eclipse 16th, warns to surround yourself with female friends who care for you. Pay attention to future hopes and dreams and how to make them come true.

Take a closer look at contracts and read small print carefully but try waiting until after 16th before making any long term deals. A short journey is productive.

Finances look good giving much to celebrate, helping you feel secure. You’re positive spin and good humour is helping others enjoy your company more than usual.

Life seems full of good things with so many new avenues for you to explore. Meanwhile a major relationship or career issue creates shock and awe.

Mars your ruler gets seismic in the week ahead, auguring major events to stun and amaze you. Be prepared for the unexpected. An old friend gets in touch.

More electrifying events and secrets to be aired, will the roller coaster ride ever end? Pressures force you into making important career changing decisions.

Career trends look enjoyable and people you meet and associate with provide new ways of doing things to make tasks yield stronger results.

The eclipse on 16th warns to stay away from arguments and keep your own counsel. Good luck is on your side as long as you don’t rock the boat.

Get ready for your boat to be rocked and a stormy sea ahead, but also a clearing of the air at last. An old female friend takes you down memory lane