Your stars for the week 17th – 24th July

Your stars for the week 17th – 24th July

The latest readings from the stars by Tricia at Starsite

Romance should be running more smoothly than you expected but avoid taking loved ones for granted after 19th if you want that to continue.

Your ruler Venus is about to bring a time of self indulgence and exquisite pastimes along with a little bit of love and sensual pursuits.

A change in domestic situations could mean you have to send more time reforming lifestyle issues but do keep your eye on the ball on the career court to avoid losses.

Do you have enough to keep your hands and interests fully occupied or is it time you sought out a few new places and interests to broaden your talents?

It’s time to get the family together and discuss better ways of sharing resources and methods of communicating to ensure bonds remain good and strong.

A great time ahead when you can finally forget those boring rules and regulations, let down your hair and spoil yourself. A new outfit is also going to keep you looking good.

You’re either planning a holiday abroad or a retreat but whatever happens in the week ahead you are going to prove elusive but exceptionally alluring.

A brilliant trend for expanding your social circle as well as combining work with pleasure. A good team spirit can win friends and deliver a much needed new start.

Avoid disputes at work as some people could be conspiring to create discord no matter what solutions you have on offer. Praise arrives but brings in jealousy too.

Love comes knocking at your door so get out from behind that desk and see all the smiling faces.Be ready to greet all with a friendly hello to make the most of the moment.

Changes relating to transport or property affairs will turn out for the best but do be prepared to pay attention to the small print so that you don’t get caught out later.

Friends and loved ones know how important ”’me time” is but don’t make waves if they need to now who you are spending it with.