Your stars for the week 4th – 11th April 2014

Your stars for the week 4th – 11th April 2014

A very busy time when life takes on a new pace. Get ready to put your foot on the accelerator and drive more quickly towards your destination.

Prepare for a few offers of appreciation for what you have done for others and stop feeling the world expects too much of you.Your broad shoulders can carry the load.

The same outcome for you as for Taurus, though the broad shoulders are replaced by a fascinating charm and capacity to win over others to your point of view.

To sleep, to dream and oh if only dreams came true! Now is the time to put in the extra effort to realise all those fantasies and longings and make them come true.

Female associates encounter stress and loved ones face dilemmas turning to you for that warmth and support only your noble heart can give.

Life could get a little more exciting but also more challenging so take up your sword and shield and get ready for a few battles ahead.

Things should be getting slightly easier with fewer obstacles in your way. Some adversarial situations cause you to come out fighting if you make your mind up to do so.

Love could be about to come knocking on your door so brush you teeth, get out your best outfit and be prepared to accept the unusual heading your way.

Some changes in daily routine and lifestyle choices may be annoying but can ultimately lead to fresh energy arriving in your life to get rid of the cobwebs.

You may become a control freak or yet again turning back into that workaholic who needs rescuing. Enjoy a few trips out to get rid of malfunctions.

People turn to you for a few kind words and you excel in delivering the comfort and consolation they are seeking. Diplomacy is your key solution for all situations.

Life takes on a whole new rhythm and beat with odes to love, Cupid’s little arrows and many sonnets singing their way into your heart. Enjoy!

Lunar Lore
Lovers enjoy looking at the Moon in the night sky, but passionate Mars, in constellation Virgo, provides a fine view if you look south around midnight in the week ahead.