Your stars for the week 29th May – 5th June

Your stars for the week 29th May – 5th June

You have either invincibility or invisibility, but hopefully all your efforts overcome the odds to keep you on course to a successful outcome.

A busy time with many new contacts and associations that help you remain buoyant with a positive influence ruling all interaction.

The daily beat gets more manic for you so keep up the fast pace to stay in time with unusual events as they continually unfold to bring shock and awe.

Love comes looking in the strangest and often most romantic ways that help you develop new hope for a better future you never thought possible previously.

Praise, recognition and applause come your way to restore self confidence and faith in yourself and fellow man. Teamwork brings fantastic results.

Put more effort into promoting your goals and make sure those who can offer promotion can see just how wonderful and capable you really are.

The beat goes on and you feel on top form so can be forgiven when the needle misses the groove and things get a little jarring. Laugh and make sure others laugh with you.

Changes conclude in your favour if you throw the dice and they land where you hope, however you are so capable of transforming any result into one that works for you.

Keep up with friends to cement old bonds and forge new ones even if there are a few challenges that test your sincerity and your aim to please.

People continue to be supportive and intimate relationships should thrive as long as you remember to water the budding flowers of love and friendship.

You can be forgiven for feeling love and luck have deserted you for a while, but don’t give up hope they will return later. Make the most of what good things surround you now.

Efforts to improve working situations will take a lot of skill and hard work. Patience now will result in more satisfying results at a later stage…