Your stars for the week 6th – 13th March 2015

Your stars for the week 6th – 13th March 2015

It’s all systems go with you attracting some unexpected but much appreciated attention, helping you feel upbeat and putting a spring in your step.

You are busy working behind the scenes and keeping a low profile. Enjoy precious time to pursue personal goals and dreams away from prying eyes.

You are working so hard to create a good impression and efforts to promote a more independent situation for yourself should be bringing benefits.

Sudden surprising events keep you active but you seem to be winning so it’s essential to stay alert and change tactics to keep ahead with your own plans.

A good time to develop your intuitive skills but avoid deceiving yourself and others when it comes to dealing with difficult relatives.

Do take extra care of diet and routine. You are so busy helping others you are failing to look after the most important person of all……you.

You could be feeling in need of a pick me up or else those who oppose you need picking up after you finally give them a piece of your mind.

You appear to be battling all fronts but mostly with friends and loved ones. Be careful of what you say as you could have cause to regret it later.

You have been wishing dreaming and hoping for so long and for sure had good luck on your side. However, the solar eclipse on the 20th could force you to think again.

Nobody does shyness and secrecy quite as well as you but don’t forget to put out the flag of warning or even surrender when the isolation gets too much.

You are such a chatterbox but is anyone listening? Certainly you need to discuss new codes of conduct but do be diplomatic to bring about desirable change.

Dance to the end of love with artist Vettriano and let Rod Stewart’s sultry soul music play the strings of your heart. A romantic birthday time of year for you Pisces.