Your stars for the week 2nd – 9th May 2014

Your stars for the week 2nd – 9th May 2014

So far romance may have taken a back seat in your drive to deal with amazing challenges but Venus soars into your sun sign after 4th so get ready for romance.

You should be feeling pleased with some achievements arrived at with little effort. Get ready for a reclusive phase or holiday retreat that allows time to congratulate yourself.

Your charm and wit need a good Spring clean so get out the broom, sweep up the cobwebs and prepare to party. Life should take on a faster pace after 8th.

If you’re looking for love then work may be the place to find it. With so many changes sending you dizzy a secret admirer provides a welcome distraction.

It’s time to sit down and decide which of your heartfelt desires are worth pursuing and whether or not to discard those dreams that no longer serve any purpose.

You tend to be a perfectionist at heart and work so hard to make things right. Mercury brings a flurry of new situations to test your mettle after mid week.

You could be wondering whether it is better to entirely devote your life to that special someone. Fortunately, for a few weeks at least, they feel the same way too.

You need to draw up a new dietary regime as well as take on a different approach to how you deal with the signs of ageing. Expert help guides efforts to improve.

Get ready for romance, a few new admirers and the opportunity to spend quality time with those you care for and adore.

You’re either planning a furniture shuffle or looking again at the best way to make your living space more appealing and comfortable. A loved one helps.

A good time to expand your skill base, put talents to better use, and improve all aspects of communication. A short trip proves enjoyable.

Relatives are ready to make war or peace and it all depends on whose side you take and how well you intervene to set the record straight.

Lunar Lore
The Pagan celebration of Spring, May 8th or ‘ Helston Furry Dance’ Cornwall, honours patron St Michael, who saved it from a meteorite hit AD 495. The boulder that crashed down is still visible as a wall in the Angel Yard.