Your stars for the week 5th – 12th December

Your stars for the week 5th – 12th December

It looks like you are popular and in the limelight with everyone wanting a piece of you so your lucky streak will rub off onto them. Love comes knocking on your door.

Domestic expenses seem to be running out of control as repair and maintenance bills mount up. Don’t allow this to distract from essential purchases you could regret later.

The Full Moon on 6th brings a brilliant opportunity to promote yourself and any business venture along with a loving vibration to keep you vibrant.

You seem to be withdrawing into your shell to cope with unusual stresses and strains causing friends to make extra efforts to tempt you back out again.

Life is hectic and presents many opportunities for change and growth. Social space should be full of exciting visits to theatre, concerts or cultural venues.

It may be you are expecting visitors from abroad or expected to visit a loved one in hospital to help keep them nourished. Family unity keeps you upbeat.

Efforts at finding new outlets for your talents or increasing your income should succeed. Networking, teamwork and joining new groups will only add to your success.

Inner growth and self awareness is Saturn’s lesson ensuring you pay attention to your inner as well as outer life. Plant goods seeds to reap the rewards.

You crave social success and an income to reflect it and with so many wonderful birthday gifts coming your way it seems you have achieved your goal indirectly.

You seem to be overdoing things leading to a downturn in health and increased worry. Plan a little time out and accept all invitations for being cosseted this Christmas.

Some worries over young folk or investments but lively social engagements keeps you focussed on the positives ensuring everyone enjoys themselves.

Tension or conflict at work present new challenges and a need for change in tactics so you can win rivals to your own creative personal point of view.

Lunar Lore
The Full Moon in 6th is in Gemini and in our northern hemisphere brings in colder temps during winter, while the southern hemisphere enjoys the heat of spring.