Your stars for the week 4th – 11th March

Your stars for the week 4th – 11th March

An eventful week ahead when problems taking up your time and energy begin to fade. A major row or unexpected event helps clear the air and refocuses your mind.

You are much in demand and people co operate, with a romantic note keeping you in tune with events. A parting after angry words could upset the trend.

You benefit more from standing back and taking a considered view of events to make sure you don’t step in and upset some long range plans.

Work routines are difficult to predict but exciting if you stay open to exploiting opportunities to create a more independent role for yourself. Be resourceful.

Partners try pulling you away from the board room to negotiate a better deal involving spending money rather than continually making it. Go with the flow.

Family issues could prove tense and young people need a helping hand. You have much wisdom to offer but it may be wiser to listen to get to the real cause of the problem.

After a round of rather impulsive spending you seem keen to make a start pursuing private interests to satisfy your need to succeed where others have failed.

You have been actively campaigning and may have created a little hostility to get what you want. An argument is inevitable and scandal and gossip result.

A seismic shift jolts you into a new understanding and forces you to take action. A new campaign or course of action is about to take up a lot of your time.

Team effort suits your goals and you could even be thinking of joining a secret society. If you are a member of a union, or not, now is the time to plan strike action.

Everyone wants a piece of you and you feel much loved and wanted. Put on your best dress and get ready for an Oscar award for being the star of the show.

You seem detached from reality and careful about what events or people you will engage with. Take a new approach to win over influential people you work with.