Your stars for the week 25th September – 2nd October

Your stars for the week 25th September – 2nd October

It’s time to show everyone you really are in charge and to do some serious talking about how you expect them to treat you if they want to keep your respect.

You could be sitting too cosily at home with your feet up but are you being too self indulgent and perhaps missing out or mixing up important events and appointments?

You seem to be conducting your own little war on want or perhaps are gathering everyone together to join your campaign for a better life for all, especially yourself.

Short journeys bring encounters of the third kind or else a new way of using signals and semaphores to enhance communication skills and express your creative talents.

You attract much attention but could be trying to create space away from all those admiring glances to pursue a new interest. Love will find you wherever you hide.

Working for a charity suits your talents at the moment but do try a liberal approach or you could find forcing your beliefs upon others backfires spectacularly.

You may feel like keeping a low profile or deferring meetings and decision making till a later date. Have faith in yourself and your abilities, and others will too.

Meetings with important people who have knowledge or connections you can benefit from should be made good use of in the weeks ahead. Charity work brings benefits.

Enjoy spreading your wings and mixing with people from diverse backgrounds. Contacts you make or renew now can be of great use in the year ahead career wise.

You could be hiding your talents due to feeling unappreciated. Use quiet times look within and find out what you really want to achieve from now on.

Love is in the air and people seem more affectionate than usual. If you are looking for romance your own chemistry should be sizzling, so join that dating forum now.

You are ready to give up everything to those you value most. Choose your friends carefully and be prepared to part with those who demand more than they give.