Your stars for the week 3rd – 10th June

Your stars for the week 3rd – 10th June

An insight to your week ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars …


Your communication skills should be put to good use now. Explain your expectations to those you care for, but need to have more co operation from.


Family connections keep you occupied finding ways to heal rifts or bond more firmly with relatives you respect. An associate could be a source of frustration, be patient.


Always a live spark you currently enjoy the buzz of admiration coming your way for some stunning ideas and projects you know will keep all attention on you.


You seem a little withdrawn at the moment and a little secretive. Peeking sneakily  into your chart I can see a love interest at work in this affair….


You may be eating too much or enslaved to cravings that are affecting good health. Try more exercise and the big outdoors to ward of unhelpful daily habits.


You seem restless and constantly in need of movement even though nothing productive results. Try a new interest or hobby to keep your mind and body positively occupied.


People enter and leave your life even though you put a lot of effort into building bridges to forge longer lasting bonds. Your good will brings them back at some future date.


A disagreement with a friend could lead to rifts, but could it be there is some attempt to create dispute ultimately to enjoy the passion of reconciliation?


People who enter your social circle could turn into long lasting and meaningful friendships that stand the test of time. Romance is waiting for you to pay attention.


It’s a good time to consult an expert or even an astrologer to get help with a more balanced view. Avoid being too secretive, team work helps keep you upbeat.


You love being involved with campaigns or groups aiming to bring about some benefit for all. Your efforts are amazing and others ready to compliment your contribution.


An impulse to stand back and evaluate what is happening will help you navigate a few essential changes in relationships and where you invest your energy.