Your stars for the week, 23rd – 30th October 2015

Your stars for the week, 23rd – 30th October 2015

Jealousy, rivalry and double dealing could be keeping you very busy and drama triangles trigger a need to stand back and judge things less emotionally and more rationally.

It’s playtime that brings a happy retreat from many of your woes and you could be in line for being awarded top position at an important round table event.

It’s that time of year when you need to batten down the hatches, get out the draught excluder to make your nest cosy and shielded from bad weather of all kinds.

Not long now before you can heave a sigh of relief on the domestic front with all planned and unexpected changes nearly complete, leaving just a few loose ends to tie.

The one place a lion can expect to assert authority is in the den, so get ready to roar at any who don’t stick to the law of your jungle.

You’re able to bring about a pleasant solution even though you have to make everyone feel uncomfortable with the constant need to look at and obey the rules.

Secrets and lies keep you busy trying to catch up with what is really going on behind the scenes but take care not to be taken in by some who are out to deceive you.

Status means a lot to you and you love mixing with those who help you look bigger and better than you feel. Avoid sacrificing integrity on the altar of false posturing.

Yes life is bringing amazing experiences and you are equipped with talents to make the most of excellent trends. Hard work but worth rewards coming your way.

You can be forgiven for hiding away and licking old wounds but keep your eye on the ball at work where changes are about to bring a new regime and change of heart.

Hopes and dreams of yesteryear are now totally transformed and over the week ahead you will see new faith in yourself arising so get ready for new directions.

People keep you very busy and your popularity soars. New job or social outlets provide you with a sense of being valued, wanted and worthwhile.