Your stars for the week 30th September – 7th October

Your stars for the week 30th September – 7th October

An insight to your week ahead from Starsite and Tricia’s horoscope predictions! See what is in store for you and your stars …

Taking a leadership role can help with impressing influential people who are willing to back your efforts and talent, as well as support your success.

Friends old and new want to get in touch and catch up with all your latest news. Get ready for a phase of popularity that can restore your faith in humanity.

You may be feeling restless and this can lead to missing important opportunities at work and on the domestic front. Leisure time brings new friends and amazing contacts.

Relatives could either come to stay or extend an invite to play host to you. An invitation to a concert or other event brings romance rolling down your road.

Life should be easy and working from home or taking up a live in job,brings a special bond with someone who has lots of love to put your way. Easy does it Leo.

Life isn’t following trends you planned, be prepared to be adaptable and make use of some opportunities which bring exactly what you wanted but in weird ways.

A very important male figure is fetching humour and more opportunities into your life. He can help you promote yourself and interests in new and exciting ways.

Take care with offers that seem too good to be true because those making promises are unable to fulfil them and may leave you short of much needed cash.

Teamworking and networking bring great dividends as well as helping you associate with powerful authorities who can help you get the promotion you seek.

Avoid blood pressure rising by taking up a healthy new sporting hobby. Campaigning is good but do avoid stretching your energy levels too far to stay on top.

Overseas connections look helpful and give a new focus for your need to extend social or work contacts. Good luck brings a financial boost.

Friends from foreign shores help you extend your understanding of foreign affairs, and a new friendship overseas could lead to a romantic conclusion.