Your stars 24th – 31st October 2014

Your stars 24th – 31st October 2014

Get ready to see more action on all fronts but make sure your tank is fully fuelled if you are driving towards making your mark on the world.

All systems go on the love front. At last you have made decisions about your next move relationship wise and can dissolve differences of opinion.

At last Mercury moves direct and stops you dithering about in the dark. Finally you can stop trawling through past errors and move forward in style.

Mars moves into the relationship area of your chart this week, bringing some changes to the daily routine along with a little bit of dynamism in partnerships.

You look and feel good and are ready for romance, when aren’t you I ask myself, but what is holding you back I wonder? Be self referring for the answers within.

Yes Cinderella you can go to the ball and leave those ugly sisters at home! You are ready to make your move and after 17th nothing stands in your way.

All those secrets could soon be placed in the public domain but which ones are you going to own up to knowing before everyone else? Tricky problem…..

You are always ready for love and Venus begins helping you attract a few admiring glances….at last. Make sure you look your best, but then you always do.

Thank goodness your passions subside a little leaving everyone grateful for the ceasefire. Friends or partners want to share their success with you.

Someone is about to rattle your cage and you are so ready to break loose and let them know how things really should be done– your way!

So many new people coming into your friendship frame helping you wake up to new ideas and a more positive approach to progress.

Looking into my crystal ball I see tensions for you but also a need to search out positive solutions to all of life’s little problems. It’s a good time to consult experts.

Lunar Lore
All things mysterious and lunar are about to be let loose on 31st when Hallowe-en is celebrated across Europe as ghosts, ghouls, fairies and supernatural powers rule.