Your stars for the week 6th – 13th November

Your stars for the week 6th – 13th November

If you feel a little tense or tied up don’t be too alarmed this will subside after the New Moon on 11th. Sexual intrigues leave you reacting to flights of fancy, stay alert.

Early November brings chance meetings with romance in strange and unexpected ways and though this sets your heart racing, be ready for the long game in love.

You are like a dog chasing its tail and the spin is driving you crazy, so calm down, take a break and remember none of it will matter in a hundred years time.

A busy time when you feel inspired by new directions and pathways that give amazing insights into better ways of improving your prospects.

A happy time with relatives or loved ones, eating out or having a ”bake off’ provides a sense of magic and time to bond, the waistline!

The 11th brings an outing full of intrigue and secrecy, so either you’re signing up to MI5 or organising a secret surprise. Improving your nest occupies much of the week.

The bad news is that someone or something still keeps you feeling tied down and held back but the good news is this will finally be resolved by the end of the month.

What a busy time for all those Scorpios wafting on a wave of popularity with invites from all directions keeping you top dog and feeling good.

You can be a vibrant alluring soul when the occasion demands and of course you love an intrique or too to keep everyone guessing and dreams flowing full force.

Life has certainly thrown a lot of spokes into your career wheel recently but you have navigated the rocky road to success admirably so give yourself a pat on the back.

Conflicts with co workers give cause for concern around the 11th but other upheavals create distractions that mean you have to decide what priorities are important to you.

Partners are dreamers but also magnificent opportunists who have high hopes but need you to work with them towards their goals.